Life in the unemployment line.

Oh the joys of the job hunt. I spent this evening writing cover letters and filling out applications. I guess I only filled out/wrote 2 tonight but it felt like more. I guess I should be grateful that I can fill them out on my computer and not have to go in and fill it out by hand! And don’t get me started on cover letters! I have 72 files in my cover letter folder! AHH! Thank goodness Cody (the boyfriend) is here to help me write them. That boy is a life saver!

Anyways, I have two more to add to the list. Crossing my fingers for some good karma to play out in my favor with either of these. But I do have to admit. I am pretty lucky either way. I have a loving and supporting family, an amazing boyfriend that takes care of me and helps me every way he can, and a beautiful puppy that will cuddle and fall asleep with me every night. If that isn’t good karma, I don’t know what is.

…On that note…


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