High 5 for Friday!

I am super excited to have my very own/first “High 5 for Friday” and link up with Lauren, From My Grey Desk!

Here it goes:


1. Starting this blog and actually keeping up with it so far. I am really enjoying myself 🙂


2. Found these bad boys on sale. $5.50 each and when you buy 3 you got a $5 Target gift card. Yes Please!
(These are the big ones, btw.)


3. New sheets! Two sets in fact! We have had only one (well really two but the other set is flannel and its 100 degrees outside, you wouldn’t use them either) set of sheets since we moved in together in May (my bed was bigger than his) and with a black lab puppy always trying to snuggle with us (AKA me) we have to wash the sheets. A LOT.


4. Tried cold soup. It was pretty good! I don’t have a pic of the actual soup from that evening, but here is where my friend found her recipe. Pinterest of course!


5. And of course there is Ellie. She is always a great part of my week but this week she got a bath! No more smelly Ellie!


7 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday!

    • Thanks! I’m not quite sure how I got the name. I guess just trying to be positive and not air my dirty laundry I guess. Haha I’m not sure. My bf and I have tried to discuss this as well. We don’t really come up with much more than that. Lol.

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