High 5 For Friday!

It’s Friday again so here is my top 5 for the week!

1. First and most importantly are these babies. I pretty much have the best boyfriend ever and he went and got me these for my horse-riding-ness. I got to break them in a few times this week and it was AMAZING.

2. I was eating baby carrots and find this gem in my bag. Cool, right!?!?!

3. This pretty much cracks me up EVERY time.

4.  Our Farm Fresh to You box came. So much yumminess AND it is all local. Do you get a FFTY box? (I am not the biggest fan of broccoli though)

5. My best friend and I went to Apple Hill last weekend and picked up some fall essentials. Fresh Apple cider, Apples, and other things. We then went home and made some DELISH Apple Cake!

What made your top 5 this week?

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Happy Weekend!


Banana Leaves.

It is still 83729873298372 degrees outside so my wardrobe options are just kind of bleh. I don’t want to put on anything other than a t shirt and soft shorts, but I am trying. Here is my attempt at getting dressed and not melting.

(Don’t judge my hair. It looks like I don’t own a hair brush. I swear I do.)

Shirt: Crossroads Trading Company (local consignment shop)
Tank: Wet Seal (5 for $20 baby!)
Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: American Eagle
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Also, Cody thinks the tree I am standing next to has banana leaves.

College < High School

I am confused. Which really isn’t hard for me to be, but still. This time I feel that there is some validity to my confusion.

I was “not selected to proceed” for a job solely because I did not provide the company with my HS diploma or transcripts. What I did provide them with was my COLLEGE transcripts and diploma. Can someone please explain to me WHY they would need this specific documentation? My HS diploma is tucked away in a drawer at my mom’s house and wasn’t going to be able to get it in time to upload it before the closing date. Why is my college diploma not proof that I graduated high school. And if I graduated from college, why does  high school even matter?

Does anyone know the answer to this? We are all stumped on this end.

PS. I am not complaining (I get it, companies have requirements for jobs and I didn’t provide all the necessary attachments needed), I am simply confused.


I was all set to write something here and then I received a frustrating phone call. It really took all the inspiration out of me so that post will just have to wait for a later date. Until then lets look at some cute photos of animals.

Ok, I feel a little better now. you can click on the photo and it will take you to where I found the cuteness 🙂


I have some terrible news to admit to. I failed last week. When cody went out of town I drank zero glasses of water (expect last night when I went to dinner with the girls. SUPER fun BTW). How terrible am I?? So I am starting over. Well the 6 cups a day over. Not the whole thing over. Please no. I am getting tired of water.

Moving to the part of the month that makes everything seem fabulous. Birchbox love. I love Birchbox. Have you heard of it? It is getting pretty popular now and there is a waiting list to get on. Weird. Anyways, It is $10 a month and they send you 4-6ish beauty SAMPLES  once a month (I am emphasizing samples because thats what they are. A lot of people complain on the BB FB page that they aren’t getting their full size products.) and sometimes you get full sized stuff but not often. But it is AMAZING. I love getting it. Sometimes the boxes are a bust. But sometimes they are pretty awesome! And you can earn points to earn you dollars to buy full sized products. ANYWAYS. Here was mine this month.

1. BVLGARI: Mon Jasmin Noir: It smells pretty good. Almost more of a classic sophisticated smell. It isn’t fruity, which is nice. The description card says it has waves of ripe fruit, though, so maybe I don’t really know what fruity smells like. it doesn’t smell sticky? lol is that a better way to describe it? I don’t feel like I am 12 wearing it.

So in my time of being a part of Birchbox, I have received  857298357293874 perfume samples. This is both good and bad.
Reasons its good: I never have to buy perfume again. I don’t have to go into a smelly store and get a headache trying to buy perfume. I get to try it multiple times to see if I like it enough.
Reasons it is not so good: I have 857298357293874 perfume samples. I would rather them send me something different for a few months or switch it up every other month or something.

2. LiQWd: “volumizing” Shampoo and conditioner: I haven’t had a chance to use this yet. I am excited that they gave me both, shampoo and conditioner. The last few times I only got shampoo and that kind of defeated the purpose for me. I can’t wait to try it out and let you know just how volumizing it is.

3. Color Club: Birchbox Custom Polish: I’m just going to say it. I don’t really like Color Club nail polish. It isn’t smooth going on and it chips really fast and my blue color turned white on my thumb when I washed my hands. Weird, right? They have some cool colors though. I got “Insta-This”. It is a little too 4th of july blue for me though.
I’m not gonna lie though. I do love getting polish in my box.

4. Dr. Jart+: Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF25: I have always been curious about BB cream. To be honest, I am not really sure exactly what it does and I have always been hesitant to use liquid/cream based makeup. I just don’t like the feeling and it makes me break out. BUT I will give it a shot and see what the craze is. Also, having the SPF in there makes me more willing to try it out. I am way too pasty white not to wear it every day.

5. LiQWd: Professional Volumizing Catalyst: I am ALWAYS looking for a good volumizer. My hair is pretty flat so its nice to have a little oomph in it. But I don’t like that sticky feeling that many of the sprays give off. I Have been trying out the Aquage Uplifting Foam but I am not sure how much I love it. So I can’t wait to try out this one from my BB.

6. twistband: Birchbox Custom Lace Hair Tie:  I’m not too sure about these. First off, they are $22 for 12 hair ties. I don’t know about you, but I lose hair ties like it is nobody’s business. So they are pretty steep for me BUT they are pretty cute and give a little flair to your pony.

We also got a free digital download of Tristan Pettyman, September look book, and a Madewell coupon for $25 off when you spend $75. I love Birchbox even if I don’t love everything that comes in them. It is still something I look forward to every month. (Even if sometimes it is a week late in arriving.)

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get?

High 5 for Friday

Why hello Friday, I am glad you are here. Only 2 more days till Heartland is on. (I hate having to wait a whole week to see the next episode.)

The one bummer of this weekend is that Cody left today for a nerdy journalism conference in San Francisco for for the weekend. 😦

But here are my 5 AWESOME things that happened this week 🙂

1. My Birchbox finally came! 5 days late but hey, better late than never! Maybe, if you are lucky I will tell you whats inside 😉

2. I rode horses on Wednesday. SO MUCH FUN. I went swimming with them and rode bare back for the first time! And then we had to trot all the way home on the trail. HOLY CRAP I CAN STILL BARELY MOVE!!

3. So excited for our new 2012 winter line to be out! I can’t wait to show everyone our holiday collection!

4. My beautiful friend Rhiannon got married this past weekend. She looked amazing being driven down to the isle in her jeep to the tune of “Hottie In A Jeep” by Awry. AWESOMENESS 🙂

5. I was walking Ellie the other night on the levee by my house and was reminded how lucky we are to live where we do.

How was your week? I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk. Go check out the other H54F!

Real adults go to garden shows

Is it fall yet? I have a hard time wanting to get dressed with my jewelry when it is still in the mid 90s outside. But somehow I managed to get dressed and go to a home and garden show last weekend. (I am a real adult…)

Don’t I make the cutest  most awesome faces for photos?!?!

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: American Eagle (I told you I wear them daily)
Jewelry: Premier Designs

The Job Hunt.

Trying to find a job pretty much sucks. I am trying to be positive. I have been working for my dad, doing some marketing and event planning (which I totally love, btw) but mostly I get paid in health insurance (which is a really good thing to have so I shouldn’t really complain). And hopefully next week my volunteer work with one of my local school district’s speech department will start and I will have that to look forward to. Both of these things I am happy/excited about and I know they will be good for my future and they get me out of bed and doing something. But right now, I am sad. I hate being sad. I love being the positive one. But I have been positive for so long without it really getting me anywhere. Maybe this is coming from me not getting the job I was hoping for and I got that email today. Sorry for me being so lame and all boo hoo. But this is for me and I can write whatever I damn well please. lol. (hey look, that totally rhymed) I am trying to keep my head up. To keep telling myself this will all be worth it. It has to be, right? Today may have sucked in the job hunt area, but hopefully that means tomorrow will be better.

It has to be better. I am going horse back riding and pretending I am living the Heartland life.

Also, is it fall yet? I miss my clothes.


Have you heard of Elf cosmetics? You can get it at Target and most things are a buck. I was super stoked off this the other day when I found this out. I have been wanting to try out a highlighter and see if I like it enough to use more than once. The thing about this is, I have really sensitive skin. I pay way too much for my makeup so if I don’t really need use it I don’t buy it. So when I saw that the Elf products were between 1-6 bucks I was thrilled! I can pay $3 to try something to see if I like it. And if it doesn’t work, apparently you can return it. AWESOME. So I got a highlighter and a bronzer. The highlighter is kinda cool, I think I need to experiment with it a little more though. I probably wont be in the market for a nice one any time soon though. Because, well, I am lazy. My makeup routine is super simple and easy and I love it. The bronzer I will not be using ever again. I got what I paid for with that. It was weird. If I touched my face, It came off onto my fingers all shiny and weird. The only reason why I bought it, is because mine is pretty much gone and I still need to save up for some more. Like I said before, I pay way too much for this stuff so I try to make it last.

(see what I mean about making it last)

I paid $6 total for these two things and I gotta say, it is a good way to try out something new before I go ahead and splurge on something I really have no clue about. So, the highlighter was a thumbs up (still experimenting though) but the bronzer was a bust (not all that surprised).

Have you tried any Elf products? I hear their eyeshadows are pretty good.

The best tasting asparagus you will ever eat.

Last night’s dinner was one of the most simplest and fastest dinners I make. And it is SUPER delicious.

Bacon wrapped asparagus and salmon for dinner. (cody just got normal lame green sticks because he doesn’t eat meat.) The whole process takes 20 minutes and you are sitting down to eat. I LOVE IT.

Start by chopping off the ends of the green things.

You are going to need some EVOO and some pepper to put on your green sticks.

I was a fat kid last night and individually wrapped them but really you can bundle them up and wrap like  3-5 together if you want. It is all up to you. Also, I put 2 pieces of bacon on them because 1 doesn’t wrap the whole thing, and lets face it, that just is not going to cut it. Like I said, Fat Kid. Put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 10-12 min and you are done! The best tasting asparagus you have ever eaten.

And since the green sticks aren’t really enough to eat by themselves, I threw in some fish. I put some seasonings that came out of a jar on it and threw it on the grill. SUPER EASY.

Fastest dinner EVER. I think we were eating in 20 minutes from the very start. And the clean up was easy too! But that could have been because I made Cody do the dishes.


On a side note:
I successfully completed another week of drinking water every day. Last week it was 4 cups a day and now I am onto 6. Oye.

For the first part of the week, I was using Basil, Lemon, and Cucumber but decided I wasn’t really a fan of the cucumber so I left it out. And just using lemon wasn’t enough. The basil and lemon were perfect though. I think this week I am going to try something with mint. I have a lot of that in my garden.

Happy Monday!