Why you never go back to an ex. (shampoo style)

Before I get started, I would like to say, I have no idea how people drink so much water! I drank more water than my 2 cups (I think I had about 8 [go me])but my tummy was soooo full it hurt!


I always have this urge to try out new shampoos or go back to using ones that I used when I was younger, only to remember why I shouldn’t keep doing this. Unless it is a sample bottle. Like one that I got for free or it came in my Birchbox or something like that. I am a sample junkie. I love them…Ok, not the point.

I am not a huge one on having to do my hair every day. I am not amazing at it and it takes a whole lot of effort and well, frankly, I am pretty lazy. So finding the right shampoo (on a budget) is a key thing for me. I need a shampoo that doesn’t weigh my hair down, that allows me to get some volume, and it HAS to smell good.

Good ol’ Herbal Essences Shampoo.

If I am in the mood to change shampoo, I will sometimes go back to this, Only realizing later why I switched in the first place. Don’t get me wrong. This shampoo brand got me through years of hair washings. I used to love it. I never wavered from it. The only time I changed was when I wanted to a new scent. And boy, do they have amazing scents. But that is about it. minus the fact that is only $3 a bottle. My two fav scents were “color me happy” (I don’t have color treated hair, but I totally loved this smell) and “Hello Hydration”. I normally will go back to the later because it reminds me of when I traveled to Europe after I graduated high school, and that is just what I did this past week. I was completely out of the Dove shampoo that I was using and something was just off about it. So I am in Target (of course) and I stumble upon the entire wall of Herbal Essences hair supplies and it took me back a few years. I picked up my “go to” scent of Hello Hydration, smelled it to make sure it still smelled just as delicious as I remembered, and left without looking back. Well the past week and a half that I used it I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My hair just felt really heavy and it always felt dirty. Also, I would have to wash my hair everyday when normally I could go 2-3 days without washing it. I realized It was the shampoo and the conditioner. Even when in the shower, my hair just felt heavy and not clean no matter how long I rinsed for. Ugh. It was awful. I had to go to target to get new shampoo the other day. I couldn’t deal for the entire bottle. I will see if my 14 year old sister wants it.

The shampoo that I go back to every time is the Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions “Volume.” This one just kind of does it all for me. It is in my Target budget and it smells really clean. I used to go for the fruity, sweet, yummy smelling shampoos, but I really like the clean smell. It makes me feel clean. It also doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. My hair feels super light and it doesn’t take forever to blow dry. Obviously, I am not a professional. Not at hair nor am I one at doing reviews. BUT, this shampoo keeps me coming back.

Also, if you read my High 5 for Friday post, one of my 5 was getting this shampoo for a super good deal. You can read about it here.

What kind of shampoo do you use?

Leave some love.

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