High 5 for Friday

It is friday again! Anybody doing anything fun over the weekend?? We are doing fondue night tonight with some friends.

1. We have the cutest puppy ever. I am thankful she only destroys her toys and nothing else (knock on wood).
Also, the reason her hair looks weird is because she has demodectic mange. She is on meds to get her better.

2. This may not seem very significant, but we finally hung our picture frame. It has been months since we bought it! Now all we need is pictures for it.

3. Our heirloom tomatoes are FINALLY growing! SUPER happy

4. Cody took Ellie for a walk the other morning and came home with this. Her name is Rosie. Her momma came to get her within an hour or 2 but it was fun for Ellie to have a friend.

5. Hello new FAV show! So good!

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3 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday

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