Have you heard of Elf cosmetics? You can get it at Target and most things are a buck. I was super stoked off this the other day when I found this out. I have been wanting to try out a highlighter and see if I like it enough to use more than once. The thing about this is, I have really sensitive skin. I pay way too much for my makeup so if I don’t really need use it I don’t buy it. So when I saw that the Elf products were between 1-6 bucks I was thrilled! I can pay $3 to try something to see if I like it. And if it doesn’t work, apparently you can return it. AWESOME. So I got a highlighter and a bronzer. The highlighter is kinda cool, I think I need to experiment with it a little more though. I probably wont be in the market for a nice one any time soon though. Because, well, I am lazy. My makeup routine is super simple and easy and I love it. The bronzer I will not be using ever again. I got what I paid for with that. It was weird. If I touched my face, It came off onto my fingers all shiny and weird. The only reason why I bought it, is because mine is pretty much gone and I still need to save up for some more. Like I said before, I pay way too much for this stuff so I try to make it last.

(see what I mean about making it last)

I paid $6 total for these two things and I gotta say, it is a good way to try out something new before I go ahead and splurge on something I really have no clue about. So, the highlighter was a thumbs up (still experimenting though) but the bronzer was a bust (not all that surprised).

Have you tried any Elf products? I hear their eyeshadows are pretty good.


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