College < High School

I am confused. Which really isn’t hard for me to be, but still. This time I feel that there is some validity to my confusion.

I was “not selected to proceed” for a job solely because I did not provide the company with my HS diploma or transcripts. What I did provide them with was my COLLEGE transcripts and diploma. Can someone please explain to me WHY they would need this specific documentation? My HS diploma is tucked away in a drawer at my mom’s house and wasn’t going to be able to get it in time to upload it before the closing date. Why is my college diploma not proof that I graduated high school. And if I graduated from college, why does  high school even matter?

Does anyone know the answer to this? We are all stumped on this end.

PS. I am not complaining (I get it, companies have requirements for jobs and I didn’t provide all the necessary attachments needed), I am simply confused.

Leave some love.

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