This was my first real year of having to buy my own Halloween candy. I am actually really excited to pass out candy this year to all the kids. Normally I dress up and go trick-or-treating with my sister, but now that she is 14, she is toooooo old to go. So she is coming to my house to pass out candy….JK she just changed her mind….we will see how this plays out.

I am linking up with Taking Steps Home and Gracefully Made for the Sweet Treat Swap! As of Tuesday night I haven’t received mine yet but hopefully it will be here tomorrow…er..I mean…today! I am excited to see what I got and I am hoping that the one I sent isn’t too lame in comparison….you should go check it all out! But only if you promise not to judge me if mine is super lame.

So I had a whole lot more to say today but I think it is going to have to wait…I pretty much just fell down my stairs…again and now my brain is all scattered. Stupid stairs. You win again.



Don’t jump to any conclusions now. This post is not about the upcoming election. It wouldn’t, however, make sense to post it after the election. I will be the first to tell you that I am a TERRIBLE American. Honestly, I don’t really understand politics that well because, lets face it, they create too much tension. I believe what I believe and as long as it is not election season, you can believe whatever you want. I won’t argue anything political though because I honestly don’t know enough. You can hate me for how I choose to look at politics, but at least I am honest about it.

Honestly, I am so ready for this election to be over. I have, however, found some awesome youtube videos to explain certain aspects of politics that I haven’t really understood since middle school…actually, lets get real…I have never REALLY understood. So, thanks to Cody, I now have an awesome collection of videos explaining it to me like I am 5. It is awesome. And extremely informative. I wish this is how school was taught!

I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone. Also, I really hope you don’t think less of me, and well, if you do, oh well. It was mostly just to tell you about this super awesome video that Cody found for me. 🙂


Have you heard about Influenster? Basically, you need an invite to join and once you are a member, you fill out surveys and answer questions and unlock badges and stuff in hopes that you will be picked for a voxbox. If you are chosen, Influenster will send you a box filled with FREE full sized goodies. It is one of those things where the more you do on the site, the better your chances of receiving a voxbox are. the best part about these boxes though, they are completely FREE. It is awesome.

Well, this month, I received my very first Voxbox! It was awesome! I got 3 full sized Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soaps! It came with a bunch of coupons to give out as well. I was pretty stoked to get them and they smell fantastic! I gave one to my momma though. I am never going to need to buy soap again. Ok, maybe that is a lie but at least not for a little while!

I do have a few invites left if you want to join Influenster. Let me know if you would like them! Also, are you part of Influenster? Is all the work worth it? I think it is, but I don’t spend hours on the site.

PS. I got this stuff complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

High 5 For Friday!

This week was filled with wonderful things! It was a totally good week and I am excited to share it with you!

1. Oh hey there CUTEST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (besides Ellie, of  course)! Internets, I would like you to meet Minnie (like minnie mouse but because she is a mini horse! HAHA get it!? Do ya?! OMG. Seriously, I can not get over the preciousness of her!

2. My Birchbox FINALLY came. I will go into this later. I am having mixed feelings. But like I said, more on this later.

3. My very first VoxBox from Influenster came! I will tell you all the deets next week. It was pretty awesome.
Side note: I have already recycled the box to send out my Sweet treat swap box. Make sure you check it out on halloween and see what we all got!

4. Ellie sleeps hilariously.

5. My mom had her first Premier jewelry show last night! I had a blast talking with everything and seeing all my moms friends and giving my mom a couple hundred dollars in free jewelry. I am pretty sure that is my favorite part about my job. Seeing their face when I tell them how much free stuff they are gonna get :))

How was your week?? Make sure to go check out the other H54Fs of at from my grey desk!

Second Day Hair.

I have this thing with hair. When It it is nice, I want to make it last as long as I can without putting it up. Mostly, I am lazy. I want things that are pretty to stay pretty.

I have always thought it was strange to wear a tank top when it was could out. Even with a jacket. It just never made much sense to me. BUT, I tried it out. I think it came out ok. I would do it again.

Shirt: Marshalls
Pants: Venus
Shoes: American Eagle
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Rainy Days


Let me tell you how excited I am for this weather!

This is a good face to tell you about my happiness:

But it gets better….

(and by just I mean on tuesday, in Tahoe)

This is how excited I am about this snowfall:


I must say that as happy I am for this AMAZINGNESS weather, It does not help the fact that I don’t want to get out of my super warm and comfy bed in the morning to go volunteer..

Don’t make us get out of bed!!!!!

PS. Aren’t we pretty sleepers???


A while back I posted a bunch of photos of Ellie to see which ones I should send to my grandma to get her to agree to have Thanksgiving at my house. Well, I didn’t need the photos. She said yes before I could even send them. Awesome right?!? Wrong. I have gotten myself into something that I had no idea even existed! AHHHHH! I am pretty sure my my grandparents are expecting Cody and I to announce our engagement (we aren’t engaged….yet). Also, my grandma is assuming I am serving dinner on paper plates….Thanks for the confidence, Grandma. I love you too. Oh my oh my, WHAT have I gotten myself into!

I am not sure how I am going to fit 15 people and 4 dogs into our house to have a sit down dinner, or even where we are going to get a table to fit that many people. But no matter what it is going to be fun. This is also going to be an excellent exercise to test my anxiety and my need to please others. OYE. Thankfully, I won’t be the only one cooking so that is a relief!

I am SUPER excited to decorate, though. Pinterest, you better not fail me now! I need all the help and ideas I can get.

I want these.
I bought the stuff to make these!
If nothing else, Thanksgiving is going to be craft central to me. I can’t wait!
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for this first timer? I would love to hear your ideas!


This weekend was exhausting. I seriously could have been in bed and asleep at 8pm this evening. Don’t get me wrong, I had an AMAZING weekend. It was just jammed packed full of things. Fun things. But lots of things, none the less. I seriously have too many thoughts that make no connections with each other in my brain right now. <—Like that sentence. I don’t really think that makes any sense but I am going to leave it just to prove my point.


I got to try my hand at this, this weekend.

Don’t they look awesome?!?

Ok, Ok, I lied. those aren’t my nails. Mine weren’t even as intense as those. But let me tell you. I will be the first to say that pinterest has given me unrealistic expectations on how easy it is to DIY nail art.

Here is my attempt:

I used normal tape and blue tape and both tape peeled off the original coats of nail polish. SUPER annoying. So I had to start over and I waited for them to dry a full day before I put the tape on thinking that might work. NOPE. Screw it, keep on truckin. I tried to fix it as evenly as I could but it wasn’t very smooth.

But the magic of Instagram came to my rescue and made them look AMAZING! The internets will never be the wiser! MUAHAHAHA!

You probably shouldn’t scroll any further.

This is what they really looked like. This is the good angle. Lets just say, I won’t be doing this again. It is a cool idea, but WAY too much work to be worth it.
Also, my nails felt really heavy with all that polish on them. I had to take them off after 2 days…OOOPS.

Anyone have any suggestions to make this easier?? Who has tried it? Would you do it again? Was it worth it? Is this enough questions?


High 5 For Friday!

The beginning of this week was great! The end of the week wasn’t as awesome, so let’s focus on the first half 🙂

1. On Monday we took Ellie to the vet to get a check up on her mange situation and she is doing SO.MUCH.BETTER. Her hair is so much fuller. I am so happy. She will be on meds for another month or two, but I am happy to see her getting better! She used to look like this (click me).

2. On Tuesday I got my oil changed (finally) and they didn’t charge me for it. I was in shock. I need to find a way to pay this forward!

3. My necklace came in the mail on Wednesday! I totally jumped onto the J.Crew knockoff bandwagon and I am so excited to wear it! It looks kind of purple here but it is more of a grey with a purple-ish hint and the chain is more of a rose gold color. I got it from Caroline G for $15!

4. I finally finished our porch! We went and got our pumpkins and I love how it turned out! PS. If you want a hay bale. go to your local feed store. This puppy was only $6.75 and it is huge. The ones at Michaels are $8 for a little dinky one.

5. I got my Sweet Treat Swap partner today! I am not sure if I am supposed to tell who they are just yet so you will just have to wait for the link up to find out! If you want to sign up for it though, today is  the last day to do it! I am super excited to see how it turns out!

How was your week?! Go check out Lauren’s blog for other H54Fs and you can link up with us too!

Days of the week.

Remember the song you learned in like preschool or kindergarten to learn the days of the week? Well, apparently I don’t. I normally wrote posts the day before they are supposed to go up and schedule them for the next day, because, let’s get real. I am not waking up at 5am to write a post. Back to my point. Normally, Wednesdays are my days to complain/talk/rant/whatever pertains to my job hunt days. And Thursdays I post a picture of my super awesome outfit that I wore. Well, I have been having a SUPER blonde week. I think when I have these, they are always worse than others because I am a natural blonde and have never dyed my hair to cover that fact up….If you read my blog yesterday, you noticed it was a picture of my clothes. It had nothing to do with my job hunt or anything relating to my unemployed status at all. When I wrote it, I totally thought the next day was thursday, but no, it was wednesday. And the only reason I realized was because I was thinking about all the things I wanted to post for my High 5 For Friday post for the next day and then realizing that Friday was REALLY far away. GO.ME. I had quite a few blonde moments this week, but I am still too embarrassed to admit to them yet. It is just too soon to be telling all my internet BFFs.

Anyways, since there wasn’t one for yesterday, here is a little blurb about being jobless.

Tuesday I started volunteering. If you read my post a few weeks ago, I told you that I was scared shitless. Probably in less gruesome words, but hey, thats the night I am having. I don’t like change. In fact, I really hate it. It makes my anxiety skyrocket and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and avoid it like the plague. I tried to start off slow, I was just going to to go introduce myself and check it all out. You know, feel it out. Be there without really committing to being there. Ya know?  I had 2 schools to go to, EACH of them, when I got there, had NO CLUE who I was or what I was doing there. I was told that people were expecting me. That they would be on a the lookout and to go whenever I could. WRONG. Oh well. Me starting off slow was a lot slower than anticipated but it worked for me! I was happy. I felt like I had gotten an extra day to study for my final. It was great. I left notes for all the speech teachers saying to call me so that we could work it all out. And the ball was in their court. I did my part. I felt great. Until Monday night that is. I had talked to one of the speech teachers and we had set up a time for me to come in on Tuesday at 820 or 9 whichever one worked better for me (naturally I chose 9). Monday night I was freaking (BTW, I am super awesome. Don’t judge). My plan to ease my way in hadn’t really worked out! I hadn’t met anyone, I didn’t really know where I was going, NOTHING. AHHH!

I get there and it is fine (Of course it was fine. Why wouldn’t it have been fine. The rational part of me knows this). I didn’t really do anything. I was kind of bored. It was really nice to get to know the speech teacher though. She was totally nice and we got to know each other a little better and after watching for 2.5 hours I left. Easy peasy! I will be going back every tuesday from 9-1130 and I am excited about it.

Moral of the story: I am awesome. Also, this pizza is awesome. Which if you know me, then you know I really don’t care for pizza. But that is a story for another time.

PS: If you read this all the way through, you are a CHAMP too because this was a NOVEL.