Confessions Of a Scarf Hoarder

Hi, my name is Amanda and I hoard scarves.

I love them. They bring my sometimes very bland outfits to life. And they are so much easier to match than jewelry. (Shhhhh! Don’t tell any of my jeweler co-worker-y people I said that)

I only have one problem. I ran out of room for them.

These guys are so tightly packed in there that I think the drawer is going to explode. (The thicker more winter scarves are in a different drawer.)
Also, since they are so tightly packed, and I haven’t been able to wear them since it is still in the 90s, they are in need of a good airing out.

SOOO, I took them all out.

Annnndddd put them on the floor.

The iPhone is there for size. I don’t think it is doing a very good job of that but you get the point.

I bought these nifty little shower curtain rings at target for about a buck a pack. I bought 3. I put my scarves through these 1:1 and put them on a hanger. Three hangers to be exact. BUT one hanger isn’t sturdy enough to hold them all, so they are all on 3 hangers. Like this:

I had to double them up though because they are too long for the bottom rack of my closet. But now they can breathe and not smell funny when it comes time to wear them. And now I have more space for stuff so it is not so cramped.

How do you organize your scarves??


Leave some love.

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