Shirt: Gap
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: American Eagle
Jewelry: Premier Designs
Bow: I don’t remember the name of the girl who made these. But I have a ton of them.

I do have a story for this though. This shirt will be the death of me. DO NOT BUY THIS SHIRT IF YOU EVER FIND IT! I have had 3 of them. the first 2 shrunk in the washer. On cold. On delicate. Thankfully I was able to return those because they were “defective”? And they sent me this one. I have been hand washing this one. (BTW, the tag says that I should be able to wash it in the washer) And every single time I wear it something happens and I have to wash it again. You know those shirts that don’t need to be washed every time? Well this one should be one of those, but it is not. I feel as though it is not meant to be. And speaking of it not being meant to be, Ellie jumped on me with her muddy paws after this and I had to change, and hand wash this stupid shirt again..OYE. Was that complain-y enough for you?? haha.


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