Ellie Loves Scruffy

I have, for some very strange reason, really been wanting to have Thanksgiving at my house this year. Don’t ask me why because I have NO. CLUE. I don’t really cook. Why do I want to try to have it at my house??? Am I crazy? Maybe it is because we have our new house this year. It is all done and decorated for fall and maybe I just want to show it off? That is the only reason I can think of.

There is only one small glitch to my plan. Thanksgiving is normally done at my Grandma’s house in San Francisco. And she doesn’t seem to want to change that. So I have a plan. Being the wonderful (and not at all sneaky) granddaughter that I am, I am sending her some photos of Ellie and Scruffy playing in the backyard at my Dad’s house and having them (the dogs) ask her to Thanksgiving! My grandma loves these dogs! (Scruffy is my Dad’s dog). So we took some photos of them hoping to get a sweet photo (they are BFFs, you know). Well, We forgot that they LOVE each other and they play for hours when they get together. So we have a lot of action shots that look like scenes from Twilight. But, they are still pretty awesome. (PS. I SWEAR they are not fighting. They are just playing!)










This one makes me think it is a scene from Twilight.





FYI: Ellie is black and Scruffy is scruffy colored.

So I need your help! Which one says “Please come to Thanksgiving at my house”?


5 thoughts on “Ellie Loves Scruffy

  1. Awww your doggies are soo precious..You should def send your grandma pix 3,4,10,12 & 13… these just scream come play with us! Whenever I need a puppysitter I always send my mom cute pics of my dog Lilly before I ask so she has to say yes.. works every time. Good luck!

  2. Love the photos! I would say your 3rd and 4th photos (from the top) really tug at the heart strings…and would be easy to add some fun captions to. 🙂 BTW, I see that we share the same profession! Good luck with your job hunt!

    • Thanks! I think 3 and 4 are definitely going to be sent to her. And adding captions will be a must! She wont be able to resist the cuteness power!
      And thanks for the luck! I need it 🙂

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