Adding to my recipe box.

I eat meat. Cody only eats fish. This poses a problem in our kitchen. Especially if I want to make something more than just plain chicken. Also, Cody doesn’t cook or shop for groceries. I need to figure out some good recipes that we can both eat. We bought these 2 cookbooks on Amazon this weekend and they arrived yesterday. I am a beginner cook and a little better baker. I am learning to like it. I have realized though, that I like it a whole lot more when I already know what we want to have for dinner and all I have to do is follow the recipe. So this week will be spent going through these 2 handsome things and figuring out what looks good that we can both eat. Especially when I  want meat.

Does anyone have any good ideas for dinner that Cody and I can both eat without really having to make it completely different? Is anyone else in the same situation as me and have any tips? They would be TOTALLY appreciated.

PS. Sorry this post is kind of jumbled. My head is all over the place.


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