High 5 For Friday!

1. I found this gem. Normally I am not really a fan of the “keep calm and …” But I LOVE this. I think I actually love it enough to frame it. The snow has a special place in my heart and without it my family would be super lame. It is also the family business. The point is: I LOVE THE SNOW.

2. Last weekend My whole family did the walk to end Alzheimer’s in memory of my Grandpa Bill. My team name was called Bill’s excellent adventure. Get it? Anyways, it was nice to all be together supporting something amazing. Also, I got to spend the day trying to talk my 14 year old sister into going to homecoming. It would have been her first one. I am sad she didn’t want to go.

3. I took Ellie to the dog park today and I got to wear one of my scarves! And not just as an accessory!  It was to actually keep me warm! I love this weather!

4. I was super crafty this week. This is one of the projects that I finished. I’m pretty excited with how they turned out. If you are lucky, I will share my awesome little DIY project with you, internet.

5. This is probably my favorite thing that I did this week. I have been planning a mystery murder party! It has been SOOO much fun! (I love planning things) But it is happening tomorrow. I will share all the murderous details with you next week!

I have had a great week. I have been feeling pretty great too, so high 5 for that. Go check out the other H54F at From My Grey Desk!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


6 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. I did the Alzheimer’s walk last year!

    Also, this post has made me realize why I am never thrilled for fall – I live in Florida where I literally am still wearing tank tops and shorts, my scarves are lucky to be worn twice a year, and snow? What is that?
    No wonder I’m all about summer! Haha

    • Oh man! I love my scarves and my skis and everything that makes me warm when it is cold outside! I don’t think I could live where it didn’t get cool for half of the year!

      But it will be back to the high 80s next week. So I am not putting my flip flops and shorts away just yet.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I wish I had some better puns for talking about this party! I am not as witty as I would like to be. But I definitely CANNOT wait for tonight!

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