A Woman’s Touch

I love our house. When we (and by we I mean Cody) bought it, the previous owners really looked like they took care of the house. They really loved it. And let me tell you, that was really hard to find when many of the homes we looked at were short sales. We ended up getting the house last October. About a week before Halloween. So it has been just about a year since we got the keys 🙂 Anyways, we made A LOT of changes to the house. Cody didn’t even move in until January because of all the stuff we were doing. We changed out all the flooring, put in new moulding, and painted EVERY room in the house. We also did most of it ourselves. Because, I don’t know if you know this BUUUUTTT, floors are expensive! And so is having someone paint your house for you, even if you know the guy doing it!

So, when January rolled around, Cody just kind of threw all his stuff in the house. I mean I told him where to put the furniture, but there was’t much else to be put in the house to make it more home-y. Here is what it looked like before I moved in.

That mirror we bought together a few months ago, But I wasn’t going to try and take it down. Just put your hand over it and pretend it isn’t there. But it is very boring. the only “decor” are those 2 basketball cards that sit on the mantel. Total bachelor pad. I know. But other than that, aren’t our floors and walls pretty??? I totally helped with all that!

Here is what our living room looks like now. I think it looks super awesome. And I love it.

Doesn’t it look awesome!?!? So much better. Not so dark.
Mirror: Home Goods
Everything on the mantel but the pumkin: Pier 1
Pumpkin: Target
Pillows: Target
Blanket: Target
Rug: Ikea
Lamp: Target
White side table: Kirklands

Notice that white table. There is a reason that it is white. All of our furniture is black right now. (it is sooo dark) but most of it was hand me downs and the black worked with the ALL WHITE rental that cody had before he bought this place. But now it is just a little too dark for our (mostly my) liking. We are transitioning over to lighter furniture. So that is why that table is white. It is just a slow process. Mainly waiting on me so I can afford a new couch. I can’t wait though. It will be even more awesomepants than this.

What do you guys think of our new living space?!

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