A night to die for.

Saturday we had our mystery murder party and it was really fun. We had a LivingSocial deal for the game, and I spent all week planning it. Everyone had a character and story. We had 15 people in our house. Everyone was dressed up. The game itself was pretty confusing which made it a little more intense/awkward. And I now know that I am a TERRIBLE actress! I was supposed to flirt with people and all I could do was say “Hey there” in my most seductive voice and then laugh and walk away. It was ridiculous. but SO much fun at the same time. Here are a few photos from the evening.

This was the end of the night.

Officer Bullet and Tom Collins (the barman) AKA, Paul, Our roommate.

Us fancy ladies before it all started. I even got to wear my prom dress! It still fits!
Except my boobs got bigger and made it just slightly more difficult to breathe. It felt awesome to put my PJs on at the end of the night.

This one is just funny because we are all making stupid faces for no reason. Cody had the camera in paparazzi mode so we were all doing different poses every 5 seconds.

Our police officer drinking on the job. Tala wanted in on the action.

Cody and I realized that we hadn’t taken a photo together all night, probably because I was supposed to be his estranged wife. But I had already changed when we noticed. That dress made me stand up straight ALL night. Who knew how difficult that would be! My back was totally killing me by the end of the night!

Ellie was super pooped by the end of the evening. Poor girl was all tuckered out from all the sleuthing all night.

All in all it was a really fun evening. I am not a huge drinker and going to bars and clubs isn’t really my favorite scene. But when your BFF’s husband is a club owner/DJ, it seems like we go to them a lot. (Don’t get me wrong, I love being out with my friends but it kinda gets old, at least for me) So this was a really nice way for us to have plans but not have to pay for parking or be out until 3 am. Maybe this is just me getting old….BUT we made this a potluck, so now we have leftovers for days! And I didn’t even have to cook it all 🙂

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