cooler weather = better clothing options.

The weather was WONDERFUL last week. This week, not so much. we are back to the 90s. I guess that is better than the 100s like it was 2 weeks ago. Oh California, I miss seasons. Anyways, I got really excited and got to wear my boots for the first time this fall and pants and a scarf and all sort of warm lovely-ness. Don’t look at my hair though. It was a I.Don’t.Care.About.My.Hair.Day. So don’t judge.

Shirt: Marshalls
Vest: Thrift Shop
Pants: Target
Scarf: New York & Company
Boots: Aldo
Belt: Target
Jewelry: Premier Designs

I love those boots. There is a funny story behind them too. It was our 6 month anniversary and I really wanted those boots but I knew that if I bought them, I would have buyers remorse about spending too much money on them and regret the purchase. Cody felt the same way about an intense space shuttle lego set. SOOO we bought them for each other. No buyers remorse for us! We totally beat the system. Whats up whats up.


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