Days of the week.

Remember the song you learned in like preschool or kindergarten to learn the days of the week? Well, apparently I don’t. I normally wrote posts the day before they are supposed to go up and schedule them for the next day, because, let’s get real. I am not waking up at 5am to write a post. Back to my point. Normally, Wednesdays are my days to complain/talk/rant/whatever pertains to my job hunt days. And Thursdays I post a picture of my super awesome outfit that I wore. Well, I have been having a SUPER blonde week. I think when I have these, they are always worse than others because I am a natural blonde and have never dyed my hair to cover that fact up….If you read my blog yesterday, you noticed it was a picture of my clothes. It had nothing to do with my job hunt or anything relating to my unemployed status at all. When I wrote it, I totally thought the next day was thursday, but no, it was wednesday. And the only reason I realized was because I was thinking about all the things I wanted to post for my High 5 For Friday post for the next day and then realizing that Friday was REALLY far away. GO.ME. I had quite a few blonde moments this week, but I am still too embarrassed to admit to them yet. It is just too soon to be telling all my internet BFFs.

Anyways, since there wasn’t one for yesterday, here is a little blurb about being jobless.

Tuesday I started volunteering. If you read my post a few weeks ago, I told you that I was scared shitless. Probably in less gruesome words, but hey, thats the night I am having. I don’t like change. In fact, I really hate it. It makes my anxiety skyrocket and all I want to do is curl up in a ball and avoid it like the plague. I tried to start off slow, I was just going to to go introduce myself and check it all out. You know, feel it out. Be there without really committing to being there. Ya know?  I had 2 schools to go to, EACH of them, when I got there, had NO CLUE who I was or what I was doing there. I was told that people were expecting me. That they would be on a the lookout and to go whenever I could. WRONG. Oh well. Me starting off slow was a lot slower than anticipated but it worked for me! I was happy. I felt like I had gotten an extra day to study for my final. It was great. I left notes for all the speech teachers saying to call me so that we could work it all out. And the ball was in their court. I did my part. I felt great. Until Monday night that is. I had talked to one of the speech teachers and we had set up a time for me to come in on Tuesday at 820 or 9 whichever one worked better for me (naturally I chose 9). Monday night I was freaking (BTW, I am super awesome. Don’t judge). My plan to ease my way in hadn’t really worked out! I hadn’t met anyone, I didn’t really know where I was going, NOTHING. AHHH!

I get there and it is fine (Of course it was fine. Why wouldn’t it have been fine. The rational part of me knows this). I didn’t really do anything. I was kind of bored. It was really nice to get to know the speech teacher though. She was totally nice and we got to know each other a little better and after watching for 2.5 hours I left. Easy peasy! I will be going back every tuesday from 9-1130 and I am excited about it.

Moral of the story: I am awesome. Also, this pizza is awesome. Which if you know me, then you know I really don’t care for pizza. But that is a story for another time.

PS: If you read this all the way through, you are a CHAMP too because this was a NOVEL.

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