High 5 For Friday!

The beginning of this week was great! The end of the week wasn’t as awesome, so let’s focus on the first half ๐Ÿ™‚

1. On Monday we took Ellie to the vet to get a check up on her mange situation and she is doing SO.MUCH.BETTER. Her hair is so much fuller. I am so happy. She will be on meds for another month or two, but I am happy to see her getting better! She used to look like this (click me).

2. On Tuesday I got my oil changed (finally) and they didn’t charge me for it. I was in shock. I need to find a way to pay this forward!

3. My necklace came in the mail on Wednesday! I totally jumped onto the J.Crew knockoff bandwagon and I am so excited to wear it! It looks kind of purple here but it is more of a grey with a purple-ish hint and the chain is more of a rose gold color. I got it from Caroline G for $15!

4. I finally finished our porch! We went and got our pumpkins and I love how it turned out! PS. If you want a hay bale. go to your local feed store. This puppy was only $6.75 and it is huge. The ones at Michaels are $8 for a little dinky one.

5. I got my Sweet Treat Swap partner today! I am not sure if I am supposed to tell who they are just yet so you will just have to wait for the link up to find out! If you want to sign up for it though, today is ย the last day to do it! I am super excited to see how it turns out!

How was your week?! Go check out Lauren’s blog for other H54Fs and you can link up with us too!


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