This weekend was exhausting. I seriously could have been in bed and asleep at 8pm this evening. Don’t get me wrong, I had an AMAZING weekend. It was just jammed packed full of things. Fun things. But lots of things, none the less. I seriously have too many thoughts that make no connections with each other in my brain right now. <—Like that sentence. I don’t really think that makes any sense but I am going to leave it just to prove my point.


I got to try my hand at this, this weekend.

Don’t they look awesome?!?

Ok, Ok, I lied. those aren’t my nails. Mine weren’t even as intense as those. But let me tell you. I will be the first to say that pinterest has given me unrealistic expectations on how easy it is to DIY nail art.

Here is my attempt:

I used normal tape and blue tape and both tape peeled off the original coats of nail polish. SUPER annoying. So I had to start over and I waited for them to dry a full day before I put the tape on thinking that might work. NOPE. Screw it, keep on truckin. I tried to fix it as evenly as I could but it wasn’t very smooth.

But the magic of Instagram came to my rescue and made them look AMAZING! The internets will never be the wiser! MUAHAHAHA!

You probably shouldn’t scroll any further.

This is what they really looked like. This is the good angle. Lets just say, I won’t be doing this again. It is a cool idea, but WAY too much work to be worth it.
Also, my nails felt really heavy with all that polish on them. I had to take them off after 2 days…OOOPS.

Anyone have any suggestions to make this easier?? Who has tried it? Would you do it again? Was it worth it? Is this enough questions?



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