Second Day Hair.

I have this thing with hair. When It it is nice, I want to make it last as long as I can without putting it up. Mostly, I am lazy. I want things that are pretty to stay pretty.

I have always thought it was strange to wear a tank top when it was could out. Even with a jacket. It just never made much sense to me. BUT, I tried it out. I think it came out ok. I would do it again.

Shirt: Marshalls
Pants: Venus
Shoes: American Eagle
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack
Jewelry: Premier Designs


2 thoughts on “Second Day Hair.

    • Thank you! It took me forever to find one that I liked! Except it kinda smells like old people. which is totally weird especially since I got it from nordstrom rack and not a second hand shop or anything.
      I’m hoping with time it will fade since throwing it in the wash didn’t help…

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