The Day After.

I have decided that passing out candy to kids on Halloween is awesome. Except when they are 17 and not dressed up and say that my dog is going to bite them…I will shut the door on you/give you super old yucky candy from easter that was forgotten about until now.

Anyways, we wait til the last minute to buy candy for Halloween just to make sure that we still have some to pass out. But LETMETELLYOU. The Halloween section in Target is a MADHOUSE the day before and the day of Halloween. All of us last minute shoppers. OYE.

We had a fun night last night. Cody and I sat on the couch and TRIED to watch old episodes of the Simpsons but Ellie went crazy EVERY time trick or treaters came to the door. She is learning. Our puppy thinks she is a big dog….

I had goodies for kids and moms. The parents were thrilled when they got their own goodie bag! I think the kids were slightly jealous that all they got was candy…

On a side note. I love my cowboy boots. They are amazing. And they make riding horses so much easier!

Also, it was a no make-up and messy hair day. Don’t judge.

Shirt: Nordstroms
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Boot Barn, Ariat
Jacket: Loft Outlet $20 bucks! total score!
Scarf: New York & Company

PS. I am not wearing any Premier Designs jewelry for once! SHH. Don’t tell!

2 thoughts on “The Day After.

    • Thanks! The moms were totally thrilled when they heard they were for them! I felt kind of bad that they had some business items in them and they weren’t completely genuine. but hey! If i were to go around and someone gave it to me on halloween, I would be super stoked!

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