Do You Believe in Magic?

Everyone needs a little naked Channing Tatum in their life. I feel like I need to point that out. What I don’t need is a 2 hour long movie about it with no other plot points.

How did this movie have sooo many good actors in it and make such a terrible movie! Am I the ONLY girl that thinks this way????

PS. I just looked it up on Rotten Tomatoes. It got 4 stars! Am I missing something??!!??!! Did we all watch the same movie???

Anyways, on a better note, today, we bought a couch. I am excited/nervous/AHHH. haha I know I know. It is just a couch but it is not. It is the first real big purchase TOGETHER. Yes we live together. Yes this sounds silly. But really though, we aren’t engaged. We just love each other, a lot. But Cody bought this house. The stuff inside it is mostly hand me downs and the other larger purchases, we bought separately. Like I bought the bed and the mattress. He bought the TV. That kind of thing. Yes we have a puppy together that we pretty much try to pay for equally, but that doesn’t count. We bought a couch. Together. A super awesome couch that isn’t from Ikea, that is made specially for us, and has a 25 year warranty! This is a BIG deal! We are stuck together now! haha! (not that we didn’t know that neither one of us was going anywhere without the other)

Ok, maybe I am a tad bit crazy. But we already knew that!

The only bummer thing about this couch that is being made specifically for un in Canada right now….It won’t be here til mid December…BOOOOO! So much for having it for Thanksgiving.

Ok so extra side note:

Friday afternoon my doorbell rang. Ellie went crazy, of course. But on the other side of my door was a package. A super awesome package I might add. My Sweet Treat Swap box came!!! YAAY! Super excited with lots of yummy delicious goodies inside!

I was paired up with Leigh at Adventures in the Fort, and honestly, she is hilarious, super cute, and her little ones are adorable! Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without these things. These are totes my FAV! (sorry for all the abreves. I have been reminiscing about camp for my cover letters and it all comes back to me.) My BFF is allergic to chocolate. Let me tell you, I WOULD NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE. Seriously though. These are my life savors 🙂

She also made me some pretty stinkin awesome cookies! Who doesn’t love M&M cookies. (Minus the bestie of course) Pretty sure everyone who walks into my house eats them. I had to hide them!

These also came! How cute! When I lived at home, my mom had loads of cookie cutters and I loved to use them. I am excited to be able to start my own collection!

Thank you Leigh! I am super excited I got to do this with you! 🙂

Happy Monday!!

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