I feel like I should say something about the election since today is election day, but honestly, I am so tired of all things political that all I can say is: Go vote! I wish that I could sleep until Thursday so I don’t have to deal with the wins and the losses. Unless all the things I want, win. Then of course I will be happy until the next election…lets just say, There will most likely be an open bottle of wine tomorrow, either way.

Lately I have been having a really difficult time enjoying my Birchbox. Normally I love it. It is like having Christmas every month. But the shipping has really been putting a damper on it. It has been extremely late these past couple months and when you get a weird box that you just aren’t that into it doesn’t help the situation. What does help the situation…Their customer service. I called to talk to them about my missing box and had to leave a message. They got back to me super fast and were super great. They actually sent me a second box. It definitely arrived in 3 days…They did tell me that they are working on new shipping methods. Hopefully this is real and they aren’t just saying that to make me go away. I really do love BB. I really want to see the best in them.

Anyways, here is what I got:

X2 (because I ended up getting 2 boxes)

I wasn’t really a fan of anything in this box but it is still fun to get and I am hoping that November’s box will totally rock.

MALIN+GOETZ: cilantro hair conditioner
Caudalie: Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
Sprout: Lip Balm Flights
Supergoop!: City Sunscreen Serum
MALIN+GOETZ: Grapefruit Face Cleanser
LUNA fiber: Chocolate Raspberry

PS. I also signed up for ipsy. My first Glam Bag should be coming this month so we will see how they compare. I will have to figure out which one I like better. We shall see!

Do you get a Birchbox? What did you get? Did you like yours? Are you signed up for ipsy? Should I ask more questions?

2 thoughts on “Birchbox.

  1. I’ve been a Birchbox subscriber for about a year now. For October I opted for the Goop box. I got the LUNA bar, Essie nail polish, Naked Princess Lip gloss, Joanna Vargas daily serum and Kiehl’s body wash. I think this was a great box. I’ve gotten a lot of nail polish and quite a few of those hair tie band things. But for $10 it’s a pretty good deal.

    I don’t subscribe to ipsy. I really want to try the Pop Sugar Must Have box though. It’s just a little out of my budget.

    • man your box sounds way better than mine! I have been getting the strangest stuff lately. I do love the nail polish when I get it, but I haven’t received many though.

      I have never heard of pop sugar. I will have to check it out. I know there are a bunch of different ones, but many of them are way more than I want to spend. At least at the moment. Maybe when I win the lotto…

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