The Mail Box.

We live in a neighborhood where we have those community mail box things. You know the ones I am talking about? You get a key and you have to walk down the street to go get your stinkin mail. That mail box and I are not friends. Some dumb dumb decided it would be an AWESOME idea to pry open the back of our community mail box so it was broken for a good 2 weeks and we had to drive to the post office to go get our mail. First world problems, I know.
Whatevs. My favorite part about the mailbox (insert sarcastic voice) is walking to it in your PJs in front of all your neighbors to get your mail. Don’t judge me. I find it only fitting to show you what I normally check the mail in on an outfit post day. I am one classy lady.

Don’t I look hot!?

Oh man! I think the worst part is when we only get junk in the mail after I ventured out looking like this.

I guess I can throw in a normal outfit post so hopefully you aren’t too scarred by my PJ image.

Oh, hey there, Ames.

Shirt: Marshalls
Pants: Lauren Conrad at Kohls
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Caroline G.
Bracelet: Target
Watch: Target

I would like to say that I normally look like this when I check the mail, but I don’t…I normally look like the first photo. My neighbors are so lucky.


3 thoughts on “The Mail Box.

  1. i have the mailbox like that too..its annoying most of the time haha

    Have a great night! Drop by and say hi!

  2. adorable! and don’t feel too bad.. sometimes i’ll end up at the drugstore like that (not in my finest hour mind you) – or the worst is when i head out to pick up drive-thru coffee in the morning, and the line of cars is so horrendous that i decide to go in and get my drinks. that is when one has to decide which is worse? being seen like this, or waiting. i choose waiting as being worse 😛

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