Have you realized that Thanksgiving is 10 days away? Holy crap! There is so much left for me to do! And all this talk of Christmas and all the stores changing their items to Christmas items instead of thanksgiving ones, is totally making me anxious that I am not going to be able to get everything in time! AHHH! Thankfully this weekend, I got lots of turkey day items done. INCLUDING buying a turkey! Thank you Trader Joe’s. And Cost Plus World Market. Now all I gotta do is figure out how to cook a turkey….UHHHH who wants to give me some tips?! The guy at TJs said to humidify the oven for a few hours before putting the turkey in. Anyone heard of this before??

17 pounds of Turkey. It isn’t even frozen! It has already also been brined so they said that it would be fine until Thanksgiving. Hopefully they are right!

I am super impressed we got it to fit in our fridge. I think that was our biggest feat!

Here are a few of our decorations that we got! I can’t wait to put everything together and see if it works out the way that I planned…Who knows. Fingers crossed. I am only bummed that my new couch won’t be here in time for Thanksgiving.

What are you doing for Turkey day? Are your plans turning out the way you expected? How about some tips for this newbie!?

Also, Happy Monday! I hope many of you the day off tomorrow today! …unlike Cody, who has to work.


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