Sneak Peak.

I wasn’t going to write anything today. I procrastinated all day and then when I was ready to sit down and write, Cody wanted to have date night. Who was I to complain. But then I realized that I wasn’t able to NOT write something. I haven’t missed a day and I wasn’t about to start now!
So here is a little bit of what my life looks like these days.

Cover letters and follow up calls and fingers crossed for interviews.

(here are just a few of those cover letters…I swear I am not just sitting on my ass…)


(PS. I totally love my job)

Arts-y things for Thanksgiving.

(here is a little sneak peak)

I am sure you are just dying to know more about my fabulous life, but really this is what it is…haha. The arts-y stuff and the jewelry I can live with/really enjoy. however, I am just ready for the cover letters, follow up calls, and keeping my fingers crossed to be over. SUPER exciting right!??

Happy Wednesday!


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