Remember when I said that we were hosting Thanksgiving at my house? Well it is almost there and we are pretty much ready. Minus knowing how to make a turkey and cleaning the house and figuring out how to fit 15 people in my “dining room” for a sit down dinner…..UMMMMM. TOTALLY READY.

Well our house has been a disaster lately because of all the crafts that have been going on over here. I am pretty sure our roommate has been purposely not been home because of the mess…oops. Sorry Paul. I swear it will be all clean soon!

But now, I can finally focus on the cleaning part of Thanksgiving. Awesome. Fun. Lame. BUT that is only because I am finally finished with all my crafty-ness.

Remember this photo?

Well my wine glasses don’t look like this anymore. They look like this!

YAAY! The easiest project ever! I guess it is from pinterest BUT I got it from my BFF so TECHNICALLY it is not a pinterest project!

Annnd we’re off (My grandma gets a martini glass instead of a wine glass)

First, you tape them. I think this was the hardest part. Like I said, easy peasy.

Then you spray them. Do you like cody’s Asian mobile. The blue subie with gold rims. So Asian.
(Cody is Japanese BTW.)

And then you spray them again. And then you let them dry. And then you’re done. Voila!

I would suggest washing them before using them. I hand washed mine. I don’t think I would trust throwing them in the dishwasher. Also, I didn’t take the stickers off the bottom before I painted. They were pretty stuck on and my nails weren’t long enough and blah blah blah… I figured out that taking stickers off when washing dishes is SOOOO easy. I just filled the sink up, threw in some soap, and let them sit for like a minute and they pretty much just fell off! What’s up, What’s up.

And you are all done. Didn’t I say it was easy.

Now everyone gets a fun glass on Turkey Day.

PS. I am cheap. I got all the glasses from the Dollar Store. Surprisingly enough, they are all made in the USA. I was impressed.


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