Something Important Has Come To My Attention.

I recently have discovered that I have been a bit more anonymous than I have meant to be. It has been pointed out that I have never shared my name! OOPS. Totally never my intention. I guess I should tell you my name. I like to know whose blog I am reading, it makes a little more personal, ya know?

Well here it is. The big reveal. I know you are all waiting in suspense to know.


Exciting, right?

Ps. maybe you already saw that I put a thing-a-majig on the side of my page with my name on it. So maybe this wasn’t the biggest surprise…

I am going to go ice my eye now. Ellie decided to accidentally give me a black eye today…I am trying to think of a good Black Friday war wound story for it…make me feel more like a badass.

Happy Saturday!


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