So I am going to sandwich my not as fun post between some awesomely adorable pictures of Ellie.

I guess I haven’t written about my job situation in a while. It was one of the main reasons I started a blog. But lately, it seems, that everything is getting a little redundant and I have nothing new to say. Just the same old applying and  interviewing and nothing working out. I think part of the reason things aren’t working out when I apply outside my speech area, is not because I don’t have the knowledge or the experience, but that someone probably has a million percent more knowledge and experience than me because this is THEIR field. And this is hard for me because I don’t think I want to do speech anymore. I have had one good experience working in this field and the rest haven’t been so awesome. Maybe thats what ruined it for me. looking back and remembering how I was treated. Even now when I go volunteer, I sit there and watch and do nothing else because she has nothing for me to do.

So I think it is time for a real change. How do I figure out what I want to do with my life. I have always been a planner and I am not very good at not knowing. Especially when it comes to where my life is going. I mean, I am going to be 25 in less than 2 weeks and this is definitely NOT where I thought I would be. It is completely freaking me out.

So how do I decide what I want to do? Where does one even start? I have gone to my local community college’s career center, and they were absolutely no help. I thought they were joking when they told me to “google it”. Are you serious? When I tried to use my old university’s career center, they told me that because I was no longer a student, I would need to pay $60 to use their services. Wait what? Let me get this straight, I could have used it when I was in school and not looking for a job, but now that I have graduated and need a job I can’t? You make no sense.

 I guess maybe I should actually read this book I bought last year. Maybe that will help? Who knows.

But here is to change and to not knowing. Hopefully I can figure this out sooner rather than later. And here is to a post that hopefully makes some sort of sense, since I never proof read these things. Also, here is to you, for reading this long, and not so awesomely positive post. You rock if you made it all the way through.

She was so mad I made her wear a sweater.


2 thoughts on “Change.

  1. Hey there…just so you know, when I turned 25, I decided to take a year off from teaching, worked at a ski resort for a few months, and then went to graduate school to become an SLP…so just know that you really can try anything out right now…and it’s never too late to give something a shot! 🙂

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