Circle Sweater

A few months ago my aunt had a Cabi party. Have you heard of Cabi? It is like Premier Designs (a direct sales company) but instead of jewelry, they sell clothes. And let me tell you, those clothes are CUTE, however, plenty expensive, unfortunately. I was only able to buy one thing at her show but and I bought this dress. It is SUPER soft and SOOO comfy. I totally love it. BUT this wasn’t the only thing I wanted when I was at her party. I really wanted this sweater. It’s adorable right? Also, I must admit that I am a sweater junkie. I feel as if I am always cold and if I am not cold I still want to be comfy. Well I could only get one thing and I chose the dress, also, I couldn’t really justify a $100 sweater… But boy, have I been kicking myself ever since!

My aunt came over for Thanksgiving wearing the sweater and I was EXTREMELY jealous! bagh! Well anyways, the next day Cody and I went Black Friday shopping at the pet store…Don’t judge. Marshall’s ss right next to the pet store so I had to go in. Right? I mean I couldn’t NOT go in. It’s Marshall’s! I walk in and there it is. It is my sweater! WHAAAT! Well not the exact one. It is more beige and not Cabi but otherwise it was exactly the same! And only $35 compared to $100! HOLY CRAP, my day was completely made! It was seriously a hallelujah moment. Like with the light and singing and everything. No joke.

Here it is!

My arm is totally irritating me in this photo…

Full circle sweater! Just like the Cabi one! Shirt: Marshall’s
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Aldo
Necklace: Premier Designs
Sweater: Marshall’s (Cynthia Rowly)

I am IN LOVE! Dear Marshall’s, you have done it again. I am so happy!

Have you ever had your own discovery like this? Isn’t it amazing! I wanna hear about it! Dish those deets to me!

PS. Do you like our pumpkins? We are mixing up holiday decor at our house, apparently.

OH and PPS. Remember my BB vs ipsy post when I got the Oscar Blandi Volume and texturizing spray?
This one:

Well I used it on my hair today (the hair in these photos). It was just meh. It gave me some extra lift because I washed my hair last night but other than that I wasn’t too impressed. I might have a different opinion of it if I ever teased my hair, but I don’t so my thoughts are just meh.


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