High 5 For Friday!

Happy Friday! Where has the time gone?? Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving? I’m confused! I guess I filled my week up with shopping. Mostly online of course. I can’t wait to get all my packages in the mail. Too bad none of them are for me šŸ˜¦
Anyways, here is my top 5 for the week!

1. The weather has been AMAZING! It is total cuddle up and watch movies and eat warm things to make you feel all cozy inside weather. I love it! I even busted out my Crock Pot for the first time! Used up the rest of my left over turkey.

2. I finally found new makeup! I Was sooo excited! It is the tight color and I am not allergic to it and it isn’t a million dollars! I got this at Ulta but what I really needed was bronzer but I didn’t really want to spend the money to buy both. SOO genius that I am, looked to see if Birchbox had any of the products I wanted in their shop! Sure enough they did!! SOO excited! I had $70 to spend in the BB shop too! They didn’t carry the foundation but they did carry the bronzer and the blush. Best.Realization.Ever.

3. IT CAME! I ordered on Cyber Monday (So I got extra points) and my entire purchase only cost me $8 out of pocket! SCORE! It only took 2 days to get to me! How amazingly fast is that?! If only our BBs shipped that quickly.
I got the Benefit Hoola bronzer and the Benefit Bella Bamba blush and the LiQwd Volumizing Catalyst.
I am one happy girl!

4. We started decorating for Christmas! I am so in the mood to celebrate and decorate this year.

5. After days and days of Cody researching TVs, I finally took him to Costco and he found one that he liked for the right price. I am so glad that part is over with! He was up till 2am every night researching! Boys and their toys….Its too bad he isn’t allowed to put it up until our couch arrives…muahahaha.

How was your week??
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7 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. hahaha…..I’m laughing so hard at the previous comment. She’s so right….crockpot truly is the greatest invention! So glad you found all your makeup for a steal and I’m L-O-V-I-N-G your Merry Christmas banner! Did you make it or buy it? I’m seriously wanting to copy you. šŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by my place-now following you.

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