Apparently I don’t know my days of the week.

I spent yesterday doing Christmasy things and being on hold with Shutterfly….The whole time I thought it was Saturday! Nope! Definitely not. It was totally Sunday. At least it wasn’t too late when I figured it out and could still bust out a somewhat semi coherent blog post!

This weekend we got our christmas tree! We go to a place called Davis Ranch, where you can cut your own tree down. Totally fun. We have learned our lesson from previous years to bring an electric saw…Unfortunately we decided it would be a FANTASTIC idea to bring Ellie along, so there were ZERO photos taken of our tree chopping. We were also there with my BFF and her husband and their dog…There was a lot going on. Pictures were not at the top of our list.

BUT here is what it looks like after all of our hard work!

IMG_20121202_201750I love that almost all the ornaments are unique ones. We bought a box of ornaments from Target thinking that we weren’t going to have enough but we didn’t use any! We are just going to return it and get our money back. Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll.

IMG_20121202_201847My mom came over and brought us a bunch of ornaments from my life. She isn’t wanting to do big trees anymore (especially now that I moved out) but she still wanted the ornaments that mean something to get used.

Also, Apparently, I used to collect snow globes without even realizing it. My mom brought me 4 to put around the house.

I was super crafty today, not only did I make Crock-Pot Butternut Squash Soup, I made/ordered our Christmas cards! I can’t wait for them to come in and really see what they look like. I will say this, Ellie is not the easiest to take pictures with…all of our pictures turned out like this…






IMG_9079Like I said. Ellie takes awesome photos when we need her to…NOT.

Somehow, we thankfully ended up with a good photo! 

IMG_8980 1YAAY! This process took FOREVER! And Shutterfly’s sale was ending that night! IT.HAD.TO.WORK!

Well after all this effort of decorating the tree and getting a good photo, Shutterfly’s website crashed for like a zillion hours and it was just a complete mess. BUT they fixed it and we got everything ordered! Free shipping and 40% off our order! I was thrilled! And so was Cody about the price.

It has been an amazing weekend listening to the rain, and Christmas music and starting a fire for the first time since we bought the house. I’m not gonna lie, there is something totally magical about December.

I hope you had a splendid weekend!
What did you do?


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