I May Have Gone A Little Overboard With This List.

Obviously, it is almost Christmas and everyone is in a mad rush to get their shopping done. Or you are like me and try not to really get too stressed out about the holidays…I am not sure if that was a lie or not. Either way, you are probably looking for gifts for someone. I love looking at other people’s gift guide suggestions but a lot of times, I realize that I would never in a million years purchase anything on their list nor would I know what to do with it if I got something on it. SO I created a list of items that are all $100 and under that I think are awesome. And slightly random. And hopefully there will be something on that list that will help you at least get an idea of what you want to get.

Many of these items I have bought (I will mark them with an * just in case you have any questions about them) or something Cody and I have decided would be a cool gift. I tried to make this list all inclusive. Something for everyone, ya know? From those of you, who are like me, and want to get the most out of your money or for  those of you that are big spenders! Anyways, if you don’t like anything, too bad. I had fun making this. 🙂

stocking stuffers1. Christmas Coal Soap $7 from Uncommon Goods
2. *Random Acts Of Kindness Kit $10-$15 from Uncommon Goods. This comes in an original, teen, and family version.
3. Man Candles $15 from Uncommon Goods
4. *personalized name straws! (how cool are these) $3 from Krazy Straw
5. *Geyser tube $5 on Amazon (Seriously. These are amazing. My WHOLE family loves this thing! Everyone!)
6. *Egg timer $5 from Crate & Barrel. This might not look like much, but my entire family owns one of these. I don’t think I would be able to cook an egg without it! This is seriously a must!

under 251. *Scratch Map $24 from Uncommon Goods. This think is super cool. I got this for my dad for Father’s Day this year and he thought it was the coolest thing! He travels all over for work so now he can scratch off where he has been!
2. Owl measuring cups $19 from West Elm. I am seriously obsessed with West Elm. And how cute are these! If you know a baker that is into the owl craze these would be perfect!
3. *Bubble wrap calendar $20 from Uncommon Goods or if Living Social still has it, it is only $17.50. Who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap!
4. *Diamond Candles $24.95. These are soy candles and they have a diamond ring inside every candle! It could be worth between $10 and $5000! These are totally cool as long as you are comfortable with choosing scents online and paying for shipping.
5. Favorite Throw $19 on sale right now at West Elm. I don’t own one but I wish I did. They are SOOO soft and they come in a million colors!
6. Bag $18 from H&M. How cute is this purse and for the price?!?!
7. Rewined candle $20 from West Elm perfect for your wine-o friend! I want a few for my house!

Untitled-11. *Birchbox or Ipsy 3 month subscription $30. This is a good route to go for a good price. Also, they will get it for 3 months so it is the gift that keeps on getting…for at least 3 months that is!
2. *Personalized locket $39 from TheDedicationCompany on Etsy. This is a great gift if you wanted something more personal. I got one for my sister for her Bat Mitzvah and it was beautiful.
3. Dinnerware $32-40 from West Elm. I am obsessed with all things snow and everyone can use cute plates! I seriously can’t get over these!
4. Apparently I don’t know how to count because I skipped #4….
5. Remote control helicopter $45 on Amazon. My dad has one of these (not the same brand) but he LOVES having it! My dad never grew up, obviously.
6. *Watch $45 from Timex. Cody has this watch and wears it all the time. It lights up too. He shows me every time it gets dark…
7. *Jewelry Holder $45 from TomsEarringHolders on Etsy. I have this. It is BEAUTIFUL. It holds all (minus my Premier Designs jewelry) my earrings and the back has space for necklaces and bracelets. It is perfect and it looks really elegant.
8. Naked 2 Palette $50 from Sephora. I am obsessing over it. I want it SOBAD!
9. *Headband $38 from ThreeBirdNest on Etsy. I don’t have this exact one (but I totally am crushing on it) but I do have another headband from her. They are super cute and warm and really well made. I am pretty sure she makes her stuff by hand too.

under 751. Beer Kit $70 from MrBeer.
2. Ski Wine Rack $58 from Uncommon Goods

under 1001. Women’s Ansley $100 from Ugg. How cute are these! And they come in a million different colors!
2. *Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi $98 on Amazon. we have 2 of these. They have a wifi adapter thing inside already so you don’t need to buy an extra one and it works really well. We have an LG one and it sucks.
3. Customizable Switchblade $80 from Quirky

There is my list. I hope it wasn’t too overwhelming. I feel the need to point out that this was all my own opinion. The companies have no idea I am writing about them. Just FYI.

I hope this helps give you some ideas. I tried to include items for everyone. Let me know if you have any questions. Like I said before, the ones with * I have purchased in the past. Good luck with your holiday shopping!

What are you getting for your friends and family this year? Anything on my list catch your eye? Did I miss anything?


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