I’m On A Boat.

Ok Ok, I’m not really on a boat. But I did see some!

I look extremely out of place in these photos. It looks like a really nice spring day and I am wearing boots and a scarf and a sweater. But I swear it was cold out! It was the day after Thanksgiving! Sacramento does this to you. You look out the window and it looks like a beautiful day and so you dress for some nice weather. You step outside and only to discover that it is 40 degrees outside! UGH. It gets me every time! And you know the weather channel app is absolutely wrong. That is the one thing I can count on from that app…except it is the only place I go to check the weather. Seriously though, WHY??



webIMG_1035SEE, I told you there were boats!

Sweater: Target. Seriously the best thing EVER.
Pants: Target
Scarf: Target
Boots: Aldo
Bracelets: Aldo
Pin: Premier Designs
Sun Glasses: Von Zipper

So let me tell you about this sweater. I have been searching for an oversized sweater for about 2 years now.
Seeing pins like this one

2988eb281d2611e19896123138142014_7And this one

berry-break-10-55And this one

LCvincesweatertomfordglassewere making me SOOO jealous! I mean, they just look so comfy and adorable! I needed one.
So when I found mine at target, there was no question about getting it. And let me tell you, I have definitely gotten my moneys worth out of it. I wear it all the time!

Anyways, I love target. Can’t you tell?

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