High 5 For Friday!

This friday is a special friday. Wanna know why?!?!? TOMORROWISMYBIRTHDAY!!! I will be 25! holy crap! Anyways, I feel super sophisticated now….um WHHAT? My H54F will tell you why!


IMG_20121206_2359441. Saturday is my 25th birthday! I seriously have the BEST friends ever! They totally got me my Favorite cake ever! Carrot cake (with no raisons, of course, that’s gross) from a little bakery in town!
Also, I went to the mall today and picked up all my FREE birthday items! My sugar lip duo from Sephora and I  got a FREE eyebrow waxing from the Benefit bar at Macy’s! I love birthdays! WHAAT!

IMG_20121206_2008112. For my birthday, we joined a wine club. I officially feel 25! I love this stuff! seriously though. (This bottle of wine may be the reason for any typos in this post..btw)


webIMG_91633. We dressed up the puppies for a “christmas card” bahahahhaha completely entertaining! how adorable are they!

premier_designs_logo4. Today is my 1 year anniversary with Premier Designs! I am so happy to have been brought into this company and I am looking forwards to many more years 🙂

DSC_9120_1024x10245. ThreeBirdNest was having a sale on these babies yesterday! only $10 normally $28! I am soooo exited to get it in the mail! I cant wait!

Such a good week! This doesn’t even begin to cover it! I hope yours was spectacular too! I wanna hear all about yours!

This weekend will be filled with crazy business! Are you doing anything special??

Linking up with Lauren, of course!


8 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

    • This is just a wine club for this particular winery. I get 2 bottles every quarter and have to go to the winery to pick them up.

      But a wine of the month club would be amazing! That should seriously be started by someone if its not already out there!

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