This Is The Face Of A 25 Year Old.

21737_10100445236279838_152382231_nThis will be the easiest Monday post EVER. It pretty much writes itself because of all the pictures. (WARNING, there are a lot of photos) Basically here is a re-cap of me bragging about my wonderful birthday weekend. (Yes, I am going to milk this birthday thing for as long as I can…Don’t judge me.)

I have this thing with birthdays. For some reason, I get crazy anxious and most of the time have a melt down or 2. Like one year, I walked out of my final…GO ME. Good thing I had another chance to take it or else it would have been REALLY bad. At least this year I only had a mini meltdown and I think I am just going to blame that on the hunger pains…Long story short, I’m awesome.

This birthday was a big one, 25! I can finally…ummm…rent a car now?  The main part of my birthday was spent in San Francisco seeing Beach Blanket Babylon. It was amazing! But that wasn’t the only awesome thing that went down this weekend.


IMAG0373-1I wore my Camp Kennybrook birthday shirt on Friday. I worked at a sleep-away summer camp in NY in 2009 and if you had your birthday while at camp, you got an awesome shirt. Obviously, my birthday was not during camp BUT I had friends in high places..haha I got a shirt anyways. I’m awesome.

IMG_20121209_221925Also, I got to pick up the ornament that I made with my mom when I went glass blowing. It turned out so cool!



I had to wait until midnight to open these bad boys.
Cody, got me the BESTPRESENTEVER. I am a total UGG girl. They are amazing. Well The pair I have are wonderful, but they are 6 years old and I have been dying to get the chestnut color for a good 2.5 years now. Well, this year Cody got them for me! AHHH! SO HAPPY! They are perfect 🙂

On my actual birthday we went to SF to go be touristy (which was really weird because I used to live there and my G-Ma has lived there my entire life). We went to the Ferry building and Pier 39 AKA Fisherman’s Wharf and then saw Beach Blanket Babylon in North Beach.


P1060109I had to do a touristy asian pic. I mean, come on! Its SF.

P1060113We went and saw all the Sea Lions…

P1060119They barked and wrestled…

P1060120…and pushed each other off…
P1060122..and tried to jump back on..There were definitely playing King Of The Mountain. Hilarious.

IMAG0385We went and got lunner from boudin (YUMM) and went and sat down by the water and opened the bottle of wine my aunt and uncle brought. Such an amazing lunch/dinner.


P1060127We found a nice spot to rest until I was ready for dessert.

IMG_20121209_214543CREPES! Totally one of my favs!

P1060128Just in time to see the sunset before we left the pier.


IMG_20121208_173416Time for BBB!!

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the theater. But, it was such an amazing show! And the HATS! Have you seen the show? All the characters wear these ENORMOUS hats. It is hilarious.


P1060143 On our way home, we stopped off at Treasure Island to see the city lights from across the bay. The weather was perfect! NO FOG. Which is totally rare. Such a great end to the evening.

BUT WAIT! My evening wasn’t over! It gets BETTER! Who knew!

IMG_20121209_190407I ordered my new headband from Three Bird Nest and it came (and super quickly too)! It was one of her Holi-Dailys sale items so it was only $10 instead of $28! I love it! Go check her out! She has some amazing things AND her FB is doing a deal every day right now for the holiday season.

And last but definitely not least, Leigh over at Adventures in the Fort (who is amazingly hilarious btw) was hosting a giveaway with Alyssa, Dani, Jenn, and Filiz. Well, they announced the winner Saturday and guess who won!? ME!!!! WHAAAAT!! BESTBIRTHDAYEVER!. Holy crap! I am so excited!



IMG_20121209_110242Sunday morning, Cody got up extra early and made me breakfast in bed. Homemade bagels! With lox, tomatoes, and cream cheese! OMG I was SOO impressed! (They look like pretzels, I know)

IMG_20121209_193333Then, after dinner, he made homemade black and white cookies.

Seriously, these two dishes are my favorite things of all time!
I cried. With happiness of course! No, but really though.

Seriously, this man is going to make me one hell of a husband some day. I don’t even know how I got so lucky.

I ended the weekend watching cheesy Christmas movies and wrapping presents. I love my life.

I have never had such an amazing birthday. I don’t even know how else to describe it. I feel so unbelievably blessed. I have a pretty amazing life. I am so thankful.

So thank you for listening to me brag about my awesome weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


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