This Post Doesn’t Deserve A Title.

I have nothing planned for today. Today went from being totally casual to being extremely stressful. So here are a few things that don’t really make a full post but something I feel that everyone should know about. PS. Don’t hate me for all my judgement of these things…please.

First things first.

Rich Kids Of Instagram. Seriously though, HAVEYOUSEENTHIS? It is incredibly ridiculous. But honestly, I could spend hours there totally judging…errr I mean not hating them at all….


Also, have you seen these? They are mens work sweatpants. Wanna know the best part??? They are are $108!! WHAAAAT?!?! They are SWEATPANTS! Oh man. I get the whole being comfy at work thing, and I would totally be on board if they weren’t so ridiculously priced.


On some good notes..Have you seen this?

I love NSYNC. Like I still do. Don’t hate. But these guys are awesome. I haven’t listened to anything else they do but if they covered NSYNC, then they are good in my book!

Speaking of NSYNC, this never gets old.


Sorry for my lame sauce post for today. I hope these things make you smile at least a little bit today!


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