I Am Not Very Good At Waiting.

I am terrible at waiting for things. I have ZERO patience…not to be confused with patients (which I just did) but I have zero of those too. Back on track. I hate waiting. (PS. I wrote this yesterday and it is too much work to change all my tomorrows and todays to today and yesterday.)

What am I waiting for you ask?? MYCOUCHISCOMINGTODAY!!! AHHHHHHH! Between 11-3. And cody is working in San Francisco today so I am sitting here waiting for my couch twiddling my thumbs and running to the window every time I hear a diesel truck drive by. Good thing Wednesday is a god day for my Hulu Plus queue.

At least yesterday morning I had things to do. My family owns a ski company and this is the time of year we distribute fliers to all the schools. And let me tell you, you have no idea how many schools are in your neighborhood until you have to visit them all. SO MANY SCHOOLS.

Well it was SUPER cold yesterday morning and I needed to be slightly professional looking when handing these out (emphasis on slightly). So my new UGGs that Cody got me for my birthday and my Sac State sweatshirt weren’t options. I have come to the conclusion that I NEED more clothes. Yes need. It was one of those awful closet days. This was the best I could do.


webIMG_9247This is me not knowing what to do with my hands.


webIMG_9287Tanks: Old Navy
Pants: American Eagle
Sweater: Marshalls
Boots: Aldo
Jewelry: Premier Designs

I just realized I have ZERO normal faces in these photos….oh well.

PS. The couch came!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I will show you what it looks like tomorrow! SOOO HAPPY!


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