High 5 For Friday!

It is that time again! I can’t believe I have been 25 for almost a week now! AHH! Time has certainly flown! I guess marathoning through Christmas movies on Netflix totally helps. Here are my top 5 favorite things of this week!

IMAG04091. OURCOUCHCAMEEE!!!! We have been waiting for SO long it seems so surreal that it is actually here! Our house is really starting to feel like a home.
(PS. This isn’t the final arrangement of everything. This was right after the delivery men dropped it off. The lamp doesn’t normally go in front of the fireplace, there is just stuff on the couch now and I am too lazy to move it to take a new picture of the couch. lol. You get the idea.)

IMG_20121213_1849442. I am officially done with all of my Christmas shopping! I am also done wrapping everything except for the one thing that has yet to arrive, but that doesn’t count. Also, I am pretty thrilled with my wrapping abilities this year. You can tell which ones I wrapped versus the ones that Cody wrapped….Good thing he is only wrapping mine..haha.

IMG_20121213_2122423. My Birchbox AND my IPSY bag came this week! I love fun mail!

IMG_20121213_1900484. I made homemade clam chowder from scratch in my crock pot yesterday. SOO GOOD. Pretty easy too! Just it helps when you turn the crock pot on…oops.



5. We finally were able to send out the last of our Christmas cards yesterday! We were total slackers and got them out late..better late than never, right?!
Please notice “the furry friend and her humans” saying on the card. Shutterfly has this genius program where it has a place for you to put your family name on the card. Cool, right? Wrong. Cody and I aren’t married and so we don’t have one of those…and if you left it blank, it would still keep “the _____’s”, so we had to figure out something to put in there…I like what we came up with. I hope people get it and laugh. HA.

How was your week?!

PS. If you have wordpress, is yours acting up since they updated the site?? Or is it just my computer. I could have too many tabs open..



20 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

    • Thank you! It took a long time trying to find a couch that we both liked and that would fit in our house! We got it from a store called naturwood. It was specially made for us in canada though. we felt super classy lol except it took more than a month to get to us!


  1. love everything you posted! great wrapping skills šŸ™‚ yes, wordpress has been kind of weird since they changed some things this week

    • Thank you! I am totally loving the couch. if we are home, I am on it.
      I really enjoy shopping for others! it was fun and I actually was really into wrapping this year too! I will have more to do once cody starts his christmas shopping lol

  2. What a fun week! I wish the entire year was as cozy as the Christmas season. I just signed up for Birch Box and am waiting on my first package to arrive (it’s been shipped). The bags look pretty cool too. Thanks for stopping by my blog šŸ™‚

    • I was just talking to Cody about how I wish the whole year felt as cozy as christmas!
      And YAAY for BB! I love them but sometimes their shipping is awful! at least when you actually order things, it ships really fast. šŸ™‚

  3. Can’t wait to see pictures of your living room. I looove your new couch! In fact, I pretty much like everything on your blog, even your Mc Donald’s salt and pepper shakers!

    • Thank you! I am so happy that it is finally here! If I am home, I am pretty much on and never get up! haaha!
      ANNNDDD…..those salt and pepper shakers…totally getting re-gifted. haha don’t judge.

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