Christmas Carols

This is what my view looks like at the moment…IMAG0433
Yea. I am procrastinating. So what?
Seriously. Half of these have been sitting on the dresser for the past week and the other half were sitting in the hamper while the dirty clothes sat on the floor where the hamper was supposed to be…I hate folding clothes. UGH. And cody doesn’t fold my clothes right.
So instead of doing laundry I am going to tell you all about Christmas caroling. Cool, right!?
Every year my aunt and uncle host a Christmas party. They have been doing it for almost 30 years now. First we go Christmas caroling at a few convalescent homes in the area and then we go back to their house for the party! It is tradition to make a special soup that I have no idea what the recipe is (I should though, I help make it every year). And to have an ornament exchange. Here are a few not so great photos of caroling….we were too focused on the singing to pay much attention to photos.
At the first place, we walk through the hallways and sing to everyone in their rooms.
webP1060154Everyone gets a book, cuz lets be real. Most of us can’t sing all the real words to most Christmas songs. We also get bells to shake along with the songs.
Like I said, my aunt has been doing this for quite some time…
webP1060167At the second place, we sit on the stairs and whoever wants to listen can come into the lobby. We had quite the crowd….haha
As we got into it, more people came to watch. It is fun watching the residents sing along too. They all seem so happy đŸ™‚
webP1060172This guy was a war veteran. After we had finished, he thanked us, told us the story of Christmas, and went on to sing us God Bless America. Not quite a Christmas song but an always welcome tune. He was cute.
I don’t have any photos of the party. I was too busy enjoying it. Sorryimnotsorry. I do have a photo of what I got in my ornament exchange though!
IMG_20121216_222031errr…..salt and pepper shakers….? Hahaha I don’t think they fully understood the concept of ornament exchange…lol
They did come wrapped in a pretty scarf though.
And then I realized it was a free scarf from ford…haha oh well, I am still totally gonna rock it. I think its pretty still.
I realize that this post isn’t very funny and/or witty. Sometimes I’m a terrible writer and apparently that day was today. Deal with it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better…
So this is the first time I am linking up for #YOLO Mondays. I am slightly having a hard time with the name though. Mostly because over here where I live, the next county over, is Yolo county. So every time someone says YOLO I think of the area, not “you only live once” (and I had no idea for the longest time what YOLO meant) and when kids say it here I silently tell them that they are dumb. But I don’t think link ups are dumb nor do I think that Molly and Carly are dumb so I am gonna check it out! And so should you.

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    • UGH. Isn’t it awful! Good luck with yours! Hopefully you are better than me and yours doesn’t sit around for a good week….and if you are like me, then you you pretty much rock haha

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