Artichoke Dip For Dinner.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this last night. You can change all the todays to yesterdays. You know what I am talking about. I just realized I wrote it in the wrong tense and am too tired/lazy to do it.

I am officially exhausted. I had the longest day ever (fun, but long) which involved waking up at 5:45am and not getting home until 7:30pm. Just in case you missed it, that was 5:45 AM!!! Like in the MORNING. It was still pitch black out! I haven’t done that in a while. I was in Tahoeeez in meetings with a few ski resorts, just in case you were wondering what I was doing all day and/or what on earth would make me get up that early. I know you were just DYING to know!

So I leave you with this. Some comfy clothes. I love the whole vest look. I really do. I have been trying to pull them out of my closet more this winter. Especially if I am just hanging out and don’t really need a jacket.

webIMG_9288Yes, I know. I have no head. This was the best one of my actual outfit though. No one cares what I look like..

webIMG_9304I make super awesome faces. But PS. The fur comes off the hood of this. PPS. It is not real fur. So don’t go all cray cray on me.

Yes, I know they are too long. There is a reason for that though. They are my horseback riding pants. When I have my boots on, they are the perfect length. Also, they are rhinestoned out on the back pockets so my butt is super glamorous! Whats up whats up.


webIMG_9308I don’t know how to be serious.

Vest: Gap – circa 2006 (back when I worked there in college)
Sweater: REI – Columbia fleece (similar/pretty much the same thing)
Pants: Boot Barn – Miss Me
Shoes: Chucks. Duh. They used to be black. (It may be time for a new pair soon..but probably not) PS. when did these become $$50?!?!?! WHAAT!?
Jewelry: Premier Designs 

I am going to sleep now. At 8:30….I am that awesome.


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