High 5 For Friday!

This week went by really fast. I was actually busy “working” at the family business this week. It has been great to feel so productive this week. Here are 5 of my favorite things this week. They may seem little and not too exciting to other people, but they totally made my week a little brighter 🙂

PS. Apparently, only the good things that happened, happened in instagram fashion…

PPS. If you are reading this, just realize that it is 12/21/12, because I totally forgot until about 8pm yesterday, apparently I am super nervous about the world ending…. BUT if you are not reading this than maybe the world DID end….womp womp womp (trombone style).

IMG_20121219_1147161. This doesn’t NEED any filter what-so-ever (but it has one) because it is Tahoe. I love Tahoe. I was up there with my dad in meetings with a few resorts on Wednesday getting ready for our upcoming season. I love having a larger role in the company. Also, it is really nice to be able to spend time with my dad.

IMG_20121214_2103362. Ice skating and delicious coffees that tried to have pretty designs in them. And by ice skating, I mean putting Kahlua in our coffees and watching our other friends skate.

IMG_20121220_1037043. Ooooh sleepy puppy. I love that she sleeps with her tongue out.

IMG_20121220_1759304. I love cozy nights. Our heater is broken (again) so it is fire central in our house. I love the Christmas cozy-ness though. It makes it way better!

IMG_20121214_1453475. My car battery died (which wasn’t awesome) BUT when I went to go get it changed, they had this guy on the counter. Totally made my battery buying  experience that much better.

So yes, not so exciting for normal awesome people BUT they made me happy.


life rearranged


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