High 5 For Friday! (Guest Post)

By Cody (the bf)

Hello loyal readers! Today Amanda is off skiing, and somehow she agreed to let me write a guest post (heh heh heh…). She wasn’t able to see this post before it was published, so I’m sure this will be both the first and last time I write one of these.

Thanks for tolerating me! I hope the puppy photos will make up for it. So, without further ado, here’s a look back at the past few days:


1. We rode around in a limo over the weekend to look at Christmas lights. It was quite the classy experience (except when we were making funny faces).


2. The obvious winner on Christmas was Ellie. I’m pretty sure she got more presents than anyone — her stocking was bursting at the seams.


3. As Amanda mentioned, we spent Christmas morning eating bagels and hanging out with her family. Here’s Scooter, their two-legged cat, playing with one of his many catnip-infused presents. I’m allergic to cats, so I appreciate them from a distance.


4. Amanda being gone means I get to hang out with Ellie and her huge tongue all day. She seemed pretty happy after playing fetch for a little bit.


5. And, thanks to technology, Ellie got to chat with her friend Tala. And I guess I got to talk to Amanda, too.

life rearranged


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