Old Loves And New Beginnings.

Have I told you that I got the “new” Naked 2 palette for Christmas?!?! Seriously, I have NO IDEA how I survived without it for this long! Not that I normally wear eyeshadow, but ever since Christmas, I have been doing my makeup everyday JUST so I can use it. UGH. Total love!


Anyways, that is really not the point of this post. Mostly it is to talk about the obligatory New Years stuff…Fun right. Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t I??

Well I am gonna start off with, I don’t do resolutions. I have tried it, it never works. Ever. So they aren’t really on my to do list. Mainly, I am going to try to be kinder to myself and to work on my anxiety. Which brings me to ringing in the new year. First off, I HATE clubs/crowded bars anytime of the year. I don’t do crowds well nor do I like a bunch of loud crappy music with super drunk floozys showing me their boobs and their asses. So WHY on earth would I ever agree to go to a club/busy bar for new years?!?! I have NO CLUE. Sometimes, I don’t really use my brain. My BFF wanted to go, and I had nothing better to do, so we went. Multiple mini panic attacks later, we got to go home. Like I said, I don’t do well with crowds. or half naked people pretty much gettin’ it on on the dance floor. It just makes me feel weird inside. Maybe I’m weird. Oh well, weird IS one of the cards that I got playing Apples to Apples last night.

So, on a lighter note, we decided to start new years’ day off right by taking Ellie to the snow for the first time! The snow is in my blood. But really though. I have been skiing since I was 2. No exaggeration. We took her with 4 of her friends (and their mommies or daddies) and went up the hill and played for a while! I am so glad she LOVED IT! She was a total tired puppy last night! IMG_20130101_140856

Tala and Ellie in the back of the car ready to go play. So ready , in fact, they jumped out the window! At least the car wasn’t moving.


She TOTALLY loved the snow! IMG_20130101_140531I love my Goobs.

(If you follow me on instagram, sorry, you have already seen these photos. Total sneak peek! It pays to be a follower! haha)

I am so glad she had fun.

On a couple of off topic subjects:

I am looking for a good detox (juice preferably, but tea works too) program that I can do at home (without a juicer, because I don’t have one of those and let’s face it, they are not on my list of things that I can buy when I don’t have a job). Any suggestions. Google is overwhelming with things that I am not looking for. Maybe I am just using the wrong search terms. Very big possibility. BUT any suggestions would be appreciated!

Also, I am looking for a good mommy blogger in the Sacramento, Ca – ish area. Anyone know of any???

PS: One of my AMAZING friends got engaged on NYE…maybe it was actually NY. Whatever you call midnight in KY to be… I am so excited for her (and slightly jealous…Cody…)! She came home yesterday and we had a good dinner with awesome friends to celebrate!

71644_554500967912995_1258532533_nShe has the TINIEST fingers! A size 4 1/2!

Well I hope you had a good start to your NY! And happy Wednesday!

BTW: If this is a little jumbled, sorry, it was most likely from the few celebratory glasses of wine we had with dinner. Don’t judge me. 😉

IMG_20130101_142041PSS: Aren’t we just precious?! HA.

PPSS: Sorry about the super lame post for yesterday. It was from my phone. And really late.


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