High 5 For Friday!

Apparently I didn’t take enough photos this week…or I just didn’t do much. So this may be more of a flashback High 5 for friday. Maybe just a half flashback half not so flashback…its just gonna be jumbled. Hopefully I don’t confuse you too much…282186_10150272125549834_7277760_nLook how tan I was!!!


215157_10150272275429834_6597330_n1. I am totally missing my synchro days. The makeup is a little intense but I was in such good shape!

Photo on 2010-02-07 at 10.312. My pink wall at my momma’s house. I love that wall. I don’t think Cody will let me have a pink bedroom wall at our house. Sad face.

376659_10151200213267711_346660380_nThis was supposed to be our funny photo, apparently, I didn’t get that message…



524025_760030525851_1689893036_n3. This Saturday I am going to Premier Designs’ Regionally Rally and I am SOOOOOO excited! It is going to be a day full of the release of our new line of jewelry and motivation and support and I can’t wait! Most of these photos were from our National Rally in texas this past July. I love my PD family. And I am excited that this rally is in town 🙂

Dresses from Shabby Apple

4. I got my first ad! I am soooo excited! :)))))))
IMG_14865. I love bagels. Cody drove all the way to Davis (25ish min away) to go get some. I was SOOO happy 🙂
I hope you all had a wonderful week! I needed some awesomeness from my past in here to make up for some of the lame things that have been happening this week.


life rearranged

12 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

    • I really do love that pink wall lol.

      And would you like the long story or the short story on premier lol?

      Mostly, I love it. I get to work as much or as little as I want and I make 50% of whatever I sell. Premier is an amazing company. And the support and friendships you create with them is really incredible. There is more that I can tell you about it but it may overwhelm this comment lol
      If you do want to know more email me! notyourdirtyunderwear@gmail.com

      Also, you can check out my PD website

      or you can go to PDs website http://premierdesigns.com/

      I hope this helps! I would love to tell you more if you are interested!

      Also, I hope this wasn’t too pitchy of a comment lol…

    • Getting that tan was back in my glory days. haha I am so white. and even me at that tan was white in comparison! that is the swedish and polish in me. 😦 lol

      I totally loved synchro. It was a great 12 years. I really miss it sometimes.

  1. Flashback photos are great. I love the pink wall. Wow! You were a sychronized swimmer. I used to pretend… but, wow. That’s awesome. I have a friend in PD. She loves it too. Sounds like a good company. Have a great week! xo, ab

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