Weekend Love.

This weekend was insanely busy and exhausting. Sunday evening was spent catching up with the 14 shows in my Hulu queue…Have I told you that I love Hulu? Well I do. Anyways, my weekend was filled with fabulous Premier Designs love. We had Rally on Saturday and it was AMAZING. We got all new training and motivation and and love from our families.

I loved being a part of it but all my energy was taken from it so I am not able to write anything interesting without it sounding too Premier Designs-y lol So  I leave you with photos of the weekend. Because my brain is not writing any sentences….

IMG_20130112_082342Cody even came with me! He was glowing with excitement! haha

IMG_20130112_082509EEEEEK. So excited! IMG_20130112_133044

My girlfriend, Marlee, was able to come too!


This is my Premier Momma and Sisters. (Me, mom, sis, sis). I love my fam bam 🙂


My entire family that was able to make it to the rally in our area. (we are kind a big deal)

IMG_20130113_100443My new Coach purse that I won at rally! So excited 🙂


Also, we got new jewelry! So excited!

So YAAY for an awesome weekend. I am glad to be able to relax now and work on my business. I’m not gonna lie though, I am happy to be in my sweatshirt and jeans again. Dressing nice is hard work lol.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, I will be able to have coherent sentences tomorrow, unlike today…


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