You Make My Speakers Go Boom Boom

First things first! Today is the one year anniversary of my BFFs wedding!! Please note, I said wedding, not marriage…;) I love you Chloe! Happy Anniversary!

PS. none of my friends know about my blog so this is just a shout out to no one lol but I am still happy for her and Scot.

And because there aren’t any photos until the end….here is a cute puppy photo


A few weeks ago some super awesome bloggers nominated me for the liebster award! They are some of my favs too, So thank you Liz @ Beyond Blonde and Bethany @ The Classy Bee!! You guys are amazing! I was nominated by Melissa @ A Mile In Her Boots a few months back for this award as well so I already wrote about it. If you want to read it, go here!

Anyways, I have been Shazaam-ing about a million songs the past few weeks. Do you Shazaam? I love that app. I don’t have many apps on my main pages (nor do I have many main pages). I don’t really like clutter. SOO I was gonna talk about what I am loving these days, and then I turned on the tv and started watching Listen To Your Heart. Which is about music and completely filled with SO MANY CLICHES, Oye. But thats not the point. The point is, it solidified my idea to talk about my radio finds.

1. Mumford and Son’s
Yes I know I am just now jumping on the bandwagon. But I have decided that I totally love them.

2. Take You Higher – by Goodwill & Hook N Sling
The normal version is good, but we went out the other night and the DJ spun it way better than the original.

3. Cough Syrup – by Young The Giant

4. Change – by Churchill

5. Catch My Breath – by Kelly Clarkson
I love me some Kelly, but this video reminds me of Mandy Moore’s video Cry from A Walk to Remember – annnnd now I totally want to watch that movie…

6. Somebody’s Heartbreak – by Hunter Hayes
Yes, I know this kid is like 12 but I love him. Like a lot a lot.

7. Demons and It’s Time – by Imagine Dragons

8. Ho Hey – by The Lumineers
Of course.

9. Sail – Awolnation
Cody hates this song, but I dig it.

10. Don’t Ya – by Brett Eldredge

11. Little Talks – by Of Monsters and Men
Totally love this song. The video? Not so much.

12. Hope – by Royal Tailor
This song totally makes my heart happy

13. Wagon Wheel – by Darius Rucker

14. Joshua Radin
Anything by him is good, actually.

15. I knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift
At first I was disappointed in her for this song. But then it grew on me and now I really like it. I think I am just bummed that she isn’t keeping it country. I feel like she could be a fabulous country singer but only an average pop star. I hope she doesn’t go down the Miley Cyrus hole.

I could go on, but I won’t. I am actually surprised that more of these aren’t country. Its probably because I know EVERY country song played on the radio and I don’t need to Shazaam it to remember that I like it. But I will mention one more and give you the video. I pretty much adore Andy Samberg (Cody doesn’t understand my obsession), so anything he does is on my greatness list (judge me if you must, I wanna have that man’s babies!)

I also find it appropriate because I am linking up for #YOLO Mondays.

*****Disclaimer: I do not approve of the term YOLO. Yes I am from Sacramento and the next county over is Yolo county….


6 thoughts on “You Make My Speakers Go Boom Boom

  1. LOVED that song on SNL the other night. Also, how cool to be nominated for that again?! It’s great to watch blogs grow, even though i’m just getting started i’m having a blast!

    • HAHA thats awesome! When I got my new (to me) car, it just had the stock radio in it and I haven’t gotten around to changing it out yet so I only have the radio these days. In my old car I went months without listening to the radio! So I know the feeling!

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