Local Programming.

Am I the only person that thought Downton Abbey was called Downtown Abby????? oops. My mom informed me yesterday that I was wrong. NOPE. It should be called Downtown Abbey, and thats what I will call it! hahah

Anyways, there are multiple boys in my house and they are really loud talking about super nerdy things like creating videos and why the Maloofs are dumb and government while drinking beers and it is making it really difficult to watch DowntoWn Abbey…. They are really loud!


IMG_9543God, this is a terrible photo…lol

IMG_9536Shirt: American Eagle
Cardigan: Target
Scarf: Target
Pants: Target
Boots: Aldo
Jewelry: Premier Designs

PS. I promise this is the last Christmas decor in the background.

Katie Did What


12 thoughts on “Local Programming.

  1. Um, girl. I am newly obsessed with Downton Abbey and wrote all about it today, too. Great minds think alike, that’s for sure. It is THE BEST. And also, boys will just never understand it. I definitely wrote “Downtown” a few times, so I get the confusion, haha.

    Thanks for linking! 🙂


    • That is super funny! Boys totally don’t! Cody keeps coming in at the middle and expects me to tell him whats going on. EVERY TIME. hahha I’ve learned to say no lol.

  2. Those boots are great, Aldo makes some good shoes. Men just don’t get good dramas. My husband doesn’t get my “girly” shows either. He calls then silly and likes to talk to me when I watch them, but there is no talking during Gold Rush.

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