Wrinkled Shirts.

A while back I went to my aunt’s Christmas party where we go caroling at old folks homes and have an ornament exchange. It is the only Christmas party where I feel the need to look at least a little put together. Not really dressed up, but no sweatpants either.


I look scared in this photo…

IMG_9368Without my awesome H&M peacoat and the scarf I actually wore.
IMG_9387I really don’t know how to keep it serious in these photos. Not that I feel the need to ever be serious in photos….
IMG_9395With the scarf that came with my “ornament”…It is a Ford scarf…go here to see why this is so … worthy.

Jacket: H&M
Shirt: Marshall’s
Scarf: Target
Pants: Target
Boots: Aldo
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Katie Did What


Wednesday Cuteness.

This week has been a weird one for me so I am feeling really uninspired and not writing very exciting posts. Do you ever have weeks like that? Maybe it is this whole job thing. I am in a waiting period with a company to see if I get the job. So I have been a little on edge and my anxiety has gone a little overboard. So to make that better, I am spending the day in Tahoe tomorrow skiing with my family’s company 🙂

The only problem with that, I have to wake up at 5am…ummmm not my favorite thing to do. BUT I can sleep on the bus and wake up to breakfast being served to me, so there a few plusses lol.

Anyways, nothing else I write is coming out even remotely awesome…I am having a serious case of writers block this week but hopefully a day filled with skiing will fix that. Until then, I leave you with cute photos and other things I find awesome 🙂


Tell me you have seen a cuter puppy than mine. I dare you 🙂 PS. I am totally biased when it comes to puppy talk.
393070_10100476288466008_769878051_nMac and Cheese with tuna has been multiple dinners this week. (Yes, I am aware that it is only Wednesday)

He he he :))))

73301_336874313093473_583295703_n25 years later. The cast of The Princess Bride”


Who can say no to that face???


The things you learn from Dr. Seuss.

215145_10100449767574088_1812134191_nRemember Discovery Zone?!?! Best.Slides.Ever.

I wish this wasn’t an ad, but it is still amazing 🙂

I would like to give a shout out to 2 of my favorite twins. It was their 25th birthday yesterday and they spent the day doing 25 random acts of kindness. They didn’t want presents this year, they just wanted everyone to do a RAK. These ladies are so incredible and completely amazing. I am so lucky to be able to call them friends. Happy birthday Megan and Emily!!
If you want to see what they did, you can search #twins25rak
They are truly incredible people. I love them.

My Relationship With The Grocery Store.

The grocery store and I normally aren’t the best of friends. I try to only go there about once a month and Cody will randomly make multiple trips throughout the week to get things that we need. I try to plan meals, but most of the time they never really happen. SO to make things easier on myself, I try to keep a few essentials on hand to make a few specific meals. One being tuna casserole. We love tuna casserole. So we pretty much have the ingredients on hand at all time just in case we have nothing else in the house to make.

Yes you could just google tuna casserole recipes BUT mine is delicious and it has been modified multiple times by my mother and me so you know it has to be good, right? HA. Don’t worry, it is.

6oz noodles
1 can of tuna-drained
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup of milk
1 can of corn (you can use peas but I think peas are gross so I don’t use them)
1/2 cup of cheese (you can use however much you like. Most of the time I completely forget the cheese..oops, it still tastes good)
Bread crumbs
1/4 onion – diced? chopped? whatever it is you call cutting it into small pieces.

1. Preheat oven to 350
2. Brown the onions (Don’t just think they will bake with the casserole…they don’t believe me. Brown them first.)
3. Cook the noodles

4. In a bowl mix together: noodles, onions, tuna, soup, milk, corn, and cheese
5. Spread into a small greased casserole dish (key word being not big. This doesn’t make a whole lot. Enough for 2 people and some leftovers)

6. Sprinkle on the bread crumbs on the top.

7. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes and serve warm.

Its delicious. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Love.

This weekend was insanely busy and exhausting. Sunday evening was spent catching up with the 14 shows in my Hulu queue…Have I told you that I love Hulu? Well I do. Anyways, my weekend was filled with fabulous Premier Designs love. We had Rally on Saturday and it was AMAZING. We got all new training and motivation and and love from our families.

I loved being a part of it but all my energy was taken from it so I am not able to write anything interesting without it sounding too Premier Designs-y lol So  I leave you with photos of the weekend. Because my brain is not writing any sentences….

IMG_20130112_082342Cody even came with me! He was glowing with excitement! haha

IMG_20130112_082509EEEEEK. So excited! IMG_20130112_133044

My girlfriend, Marlee, was able to come too!


This is my Premier Momma and Sisters. (Me, mom, sis, sis). I love my fam bam 🙂


My entire family that was able to make it to the rally in our area. (we are kind a big deal)

IMG_20130113_100443My new Coach purse that I won at rally! So excited 🙂


Also, we got new jewelry! So excited!

So YAAY for an awesome weekend. I am glad to be able to relax now and work on my business. I’m not gonna lie though, I am happy to be in my sweatshirt and jeans again. Dressing nice is hard work lol.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, I will be able to have coherent sentences tomorrow, unlike today…


High 5 For Friday!

Apparently I didn’t take enough photos this week…or I just didn’t do much. So this may be more of a flashback High 5 for friday. Maybe just a half flashback half not so flashback…its just gonna be jumbled. Hopefully I don’t confuse you too much…282186_10150272125549834_7277760_nLook how tan I was!!!


215157_10150272275429834_6597330_n1. I am totally missing my synchro days. The makeup is a little intense but I was in such good shape!

Photo on 2010-02-07 at 10.312. My pink wall at my momma’s house. I love that wall. I don’t think Cody will let me have a pink bedroom wall at our house. Sad face.

376659_10151200213267711_346660380_nThis was supposed to be our funny photo, apparently, I didn’t get that message…



524025_760030525851_1689893036_n3. This Saturday I am going to Premier Designs’ Regionally Rally and I am SOOOOOO excited! It is going to be a day full of the release of our new line of jewelry and motivation and support and I can’t wait! Most of these photos were from our National Rally in texas this past July. I love my PD family. And I am excited that this rally is in town 🙂

Dresses from Shabby Apple

4. I got my first ad! I am soooo excited! :)))))))
IMG_14865. I love bagels. Cody drove all the way to Davis (25ish min away) to go get some. I was SOOO happy 🙂
I hope you all had a wonderful week! I needed some awesomeness from my past in here to make up for some of the lame things that have been happening this week.


life rearranged

Post 100!

This is going to be the dullest 100 post ever BUT to celebrate, here is my super cute outfit that I actually really like.
Don’t judge the Christmas decor. These photos were taken a few weeks ago. Get used to it. I have a few more outfit posts with these decorations.
PS. I swear I took down the decorations!


Ellie wanted high 5’s. 

Yes, I do know this is slightly blurry. Don’t hate.
webIMG_9463I feel like I am going to start singing “Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me”


I may have gone a little overboard on how many pictures are on here. Also, don’t judge the fact that I literally wear these boots pretty much every day.
PS. The best part about this outfit (in my opinion), the scarf and the jacket are both from Texas, on 2 different trips, both in the summer time when neither were needed.

Jacket: The Loft (Outlet)
Shirt: Target
Scarf: Old Navy
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Aldo
Jewelry: Premier Designs

*****Because wordpress is being dumb (dumb dumb dumb) and keeps deleting my link up button, I am linking up with Katie for this ‘n that thursday!


I hate this whole first sentence thing sometimes. Times like today where nothing I write seems to sound good awesome right….ugggh. SEE. So I am just going to jump in.

During the holiday season, I received my Holiday Voxbox from Influenster. I was super stoked when I got it on Christmas Eve. Total early Christmas present.

Here is what I got.

IMG_20121229_101720Some pretty neat stuff. I had a lot of fun trying everything out.

IMG_20130108_185433Goody QuickStyle Brush- This brush is supposed to dry your hair 30% faster.
Remember Sham Wow? I am pretty sure that is what the blue stuff is on the brush.
Pros: It works. My hair gets dry much faster. AND it is really light weight.
Cons: The bristles are really harsh. I don’t have a tender head but this brush makes me my scalp feel raw. Also, you have to clean it out every time and lets get real, I am WAAY too lazy for that.
Moral of the story: I wouldn’t pay money for this, but it does make my hair drying time much faster.


NYC Liquid Color: It’s lip gloss (obvs), in Nude York City
Pros: It isn’t sticky, which is pretty awesome. Also, the color is a super neutral so it goes with everything.
Cons: The brush on the end is really flimsy and feels super awkward when on my lips…I feel awkward talking about it…haha.
Moral of the story: I wouldn’t buy it. The brush applicator is just too much for me.

IMG_20130103_223106PS. This is how you take a picture of your nude color lip gloss…I didn’t realize it was going to be so difficult…!


EBOOST: A powder mix energy drink. It isn’t supposed to make you crash and it is supposed to make you do awesome things like focus and what not…
Pros: I can’t really think of anything.
Cons: Everything. When I opened it, it smelled like stale cigarettes that had been locked up in a small house for decades and you just opened the door and took a whiff for the first time in ages. My hands still smell like cigarettes…Ugh. Also, it tastes horrible. Below is a picture of how horrible.
Moral of the story: SAVE YOURSELF. DON’T BUY IT!!!


IMG_20130103_224522Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask: Its a mud mask.
Pros: It left my face feeling really smooth and moisturized.
Cons: Mud masks are weird.
Moral of the story: They are pretty cool. They are under $2, so if you like mud hardening on your face every now and then, go for it.

IMG_20130103_224902What’s up, what’s up.


Kiss Nail Dress
Pros: They have cute designs. Easy to take off.
Cons: They took foreverrrrr to put on. I took them off after just 3-4 days because the sticky-ness came undone and stuff stuck to them. gross.
Moral of the story: If you want some of these, I would go for the Sally Hansen kind. So much better and last much longer.

IMG_20121231_172929Not bad. Not worth the work.


Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal: Summer Berry Oatmeal
Pros: Tastes good and easy to make. I am not sure if there is anything more I could ask for.
Cons: I couldn’t find anything…oh, a box of oatmeal is cheaper.
Moral of the story: Try it out. They are great for if you are in a hurry and need something fast. 

We also got a coupon for $25 off a pair of shoes at SoleSociety. Their shoes start at $50 a pair, so $25 for a pair of shoes isn’t bad, I am just not in the market for shoes right now. (Weird, right?)

So anyways, I am pretty excited that this was dropped off at my doorstep for free, so I can’t complain too much.

I had a bunch of fun trying out all these new things. Are you a member of Influenster? Did you get their holiday voxbox? What did you think of it?

PS. Dear WordPress, please stop changing things around. Your website NEVER works after and I don’t like the changes…Thanks. Amanda.

Tasty Tuesday.

I know that the holiday party season is pretty much over but who doesn’t need another easy appetizer recipe.

Seriously though, these are super delicious and the only need 3 ingredients.

Baked Jalapeno Artichoke Bowls.


– Jalapeno Artichoke dip (you could also use spinach dip instead)
– Refrigerated French Bread loaf (I used the pillsbury one, the uncooked can thing)
– Shredded Parmesan Cheese
– Cooking Spray
– Mini cupcake pan

photo 2-20121230-225917

Preheat the oven to 350. Spray pan and cut the dough into slices.

photo 3

Stretch the slices so they make a bowl in the cupcake tin.

photo 4(this is a horrible illustration, but you get the point)

Spoon in your dip. Sprinkle on the cheese and put in the oven.

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the bread is golden brown.photo 1-1

And Voila! You are done! Your guests will thank you! Didn’t I say it was easy!?

Monday Love.

I had an extremely exciting thing happen to me on Friday. Thanks to all of you I DOUBLED my daily view count! I am completely thrilled and thankful to all of you! 119 views may not sound like much to many of you, but to me, I am completely dumbfounded! The only thing about this awesome view count…all my other views look pitiful in comparison.

Moving on from my “bragging” moment…haha

This weekend was awesome. We had our Learn To Ski day on saturday, and all the kids had an AMAZING time. It was so fun to see them all experience snow, and some of them were seeing it for the first time!

How cute are all our kids!?



he he he. So much fun. 318085_10151383303350731_773438232_n

We had a good time ourselves 🙂

Also, I got to ski a few runs with my dad 🙂IMG_20130106_233754 I love skiing with my dad. I have been skiing since I was 2 but I have decided that skiing just needs to be fun for me. I don’t need to try to kill myself to keep up. I like enjoying myself and working on my technique, so skiing with my dad is awesome. He is great, and I really can enjoy myself and actually get better.

It was a little difficult to concentrate with this being my view when going down the mountain, though.


On part of the hill, all you really could see was the lake, and the run was so steep that you basically thought you were just going straight into the lake! The view in Tahoe is just too amazing for words. Maybe one day I will be able to come close to being able to halfway decently describing its beauty…but probably not.

The other wonderful part of my weekend? Learning that Hulu has EVERY episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch EVER! Oh hello seven seasons of awesomeness!! (Cody isn’t thrilled…)


What did you do this weekend?!


High 5 For Friday!

Pretty sure this holiday has COMPLETELY thrown off what ever is left of my eternal internal clock, because it does not feel like Friday. This week has just flown by. I have been so busy that I have not had any time to even take down Christmas decorations yet! Nor have I written thank you cards for Christmas or my birthday! Is it acceptable to combine those? I mean I did grow up with birthday/christmas presents…no? Fine. Can I at least put them in the same envelope??


I really should be writing those…After I finish this post….Holy moly, I am a slacker.

Alright, so onto 5 awesome things that happened this week!


IMAG04911. SNOW DAYS! How awesome is this picture of Tala!

IMG_20121229_1017202. I got my influenster box earlier this month and I have had a blast trying out everything they sent me. There will be a more detailed post filled with ridiculous photos of myself wearing a mud mask and learning how to take pictures of lip gloss….
PS. If you would like an invite to influenster, let me know, I have a few more to give away.

IMG_20121229_1841513. I am so thankful that Nugget has decent sushi for when cooking is not on my to do list. This picture occurred multiple times this past week.

IMG_20121230_1519284. Doggy park love. Ellie is so happy there. It makes me so happy to see her so happy 🙂

IMG_20130103_1830145. Cat in a box. Better yet, 2 legged kitty in a box. I have the best animals ever.

So those are a few of the things that made this week fly by without me realizing it.

PS. Is it lame that I have ZERO photos of NYE??

PPS. I really need to go take down Christmas decorations now… Sadness.


life rearranged