This weekend we had a full bed. My girlfriend went out of town this weekend and Cody and I puppy sat for her German Shepard / Alaskan Husky, Tala, AKA Ellie’s BFF. They were constantly wrestling and playing the entire weekend. I am excited to have a tired puppy today (she better be tired). But having the both of them meant waking up to 2 pups on the bed and fighting for spots (we don’t let them sleep with us, they just get up in the morning catch a few morning ZZs with us) which didn’t leave much room for Cody or me….



See what I mean?? No room for us.


So you may or may not have known that I was part of a blogger book swap (or you can go here to see what it is all about). It was awesome. I was paired up with Kara over at Ramblings of a Marine Wife. She lives in Japan! How cool is that! Anyways, She got me “Rumor Has It” by Jill Mansell. I read it in 2 days! I forgot how much I love getting caught up in a book. I am not the kind of girl who like to think to hard when she is reading a book. I really just like to read for fun and to get swept up in the characters and this book allowed me to do just that. I will admit that I hated the first few pages. There was just something about the writing style that I needed to get over (luckily that didn’t take long) but also, the book is set in the UK, so I had to get used to the british-y terms and what not. haha. But anyways, I totally loved being a part of this. I am definitely going to be signing up for the next one!

And Last but not least, a girlfriend of mine posted a Fab Ab February workout calendar on FB and so I decided to do it with her. However, we have to motivate each other by texts since she lives in Georgia. BOO. Oh well.


It seems simple enough. And honestly, right now, I don’t work out at all. If I am in the mood, I will take Ellie for a walk (don’t worry, Cody makes sure to definitely walk her every day if I don’t) but thats pretty much it. So, I figured I would try this out with walking Ellie. I mean, it can’t hurt. I am not expecting much. But I like that it gives you specific tasks to do. I really like direction. I know I can follow this. I am excited 🙂
(Don’t worry, I did start this on the 1st!)
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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